Thursday, 30 August 2012

Change always a good thing...

Ruff, Cley Marshes NWT

Ruff, Cley Marshes NWT
Sorry about the backdated images of Ruff from Cley (taken I think back in 2009) I just had to try out image size problems I had. Problem sorted, me and my lack of computer knowledge to blame. Just give me a hammer and I'm happy as Larry, give me a computer and I go into complete mental blackout...
The title of this post is just to let anyone who takes images of butterflies,dragonflies,spiders etc know that it might interest you that Birdguides are now doing uploads for images of our creepy crawlies and not just birds.  If you're not familiar with Birdguides there's a link to the website on the left hand column of this blog. There's a lovely Purple Emperor image from Fermyn Woods, Northants on there, I suspect/hope Neil/Eleanor Mcmahon, Neil Hasddel and Doug "butterfly" Goddard might start to use the feature once word has spread.
Didn't do any birding today I had to drive a 10 tonne truck to Leeds and back for work the only interesting thing that I saw was some 70 year old lady in a Toyota Yaris overtake me then picked off three slower moving cars down a country lane, go on Granny made me chuckle when I see her blast past some boy racer in his modified Corsa, shame on him LOL