Monday, 24 September 2012

Barn Owl Postscript

Just a short post to update my last post. Thanks to Mike Alibone  I managed to get a email off to Paddy Jackson. Sadly unless the Barn Owl has been recovered over the weekend (work on Sunday meant I couldn't get back to Maidwell) by someone then the probability is that the Owl has probably died. The following information on the owl comes from Paddy, it was ringed on the 1st September 2012, at 45 days old, probably male, and was the second youngest of a brood of 5. Making it roughly 65 days old. As Paddy pointed out it was not yet old enough to be fully independent.
Sadly with the heavy rain and wind we've had in Northants since Saturday I'm also in agreement that this owl has probably perished, which is sad, but it does highlight the difficulties Owls have in breeding successfully and also the importance why we have "scheduled species" and why it's important not to disturb these great birds during the breeding season.
I've added a link to Paddy's website in the left hand column of the blog and once I've done with work today I shall chuck a link from my website too.


  1. Thanks for the update Doug, even though a probable sad one. A real shame that such a beautiful animals short life should end like this.

  2. It is really, still nature often produces miracles so you never know, but I doubt it, it was very weak looking on Saturday