Sunday, 16 September 2012



Well with my luck today if I had been born a duck I'd probably sink. Shift patterns being what they are means my "weekend" starts Monday, yipee!. But today was just one of them days. Turn up to the yard to find my load on my truck was a bunch of dangerous goods. Not a problem, fully qualified to carry all dangerous goods, my ADR license in my wallet, so far so good. I go and check my load. The goods I'm carrying are a mixture. Goods that can't be carried together on the same truck. The transport manager, whose already complained about my "attitude" to my employment agency,  tries to tell me that it's ok as long as they have a suitable separation between them, you can do this with certain chemicals, but not with the chemicals on board my yruck, after much deliberation and a call to dangerous goods safety adviser, I was right, the load was taken off, and was left with just the "oxidising" goods...happy. Not really. After a heated phone call from the agency and myself, I got an apology both from the agency and a begrudging "sorry" from the transport manager, I go and start the lorry...nothing dead battery, great I'm already an hour behind, but with only one drop on board to Doncaster hopefully not a night out....I leave the yard and get as far as Crick on the M1, and a sight every trucker hates, yellow flashing lights of a VOSA vehicle and I'm pulled over into the weigh bridge at Crick an hour later I'm back on the road.  I do my drop and go and start the engine, nothing. A jump start from another trucker gets me started again and I pull away. All is fine but have to have a "tacho" break, do I risk turning the engine off, I'm on the motorway services and there's plenty of lorries around, mostly foreign. So I switch the engine off grab a coffee and binoculars and start scanning the fields and bushes behind the services. Only a flock of Long Tail Tits but it's a great way of expelling some of the frustrations of the day. Who can't be charmed by a flock of Long Tail Tits?
Break over with I jump into the cab, half expecting the lorry not to start but it does, I pull down the slip road back onto the motorway. Sadly due to heavy traffic I can't pull out into the nearside lane and have to wait for a convoy of lorries to pass before I can attempt to pull out, when BANG a car also coming down the slip road goes into the back of me, behind her a police car, blue lights come on and we pull over. Her front of the car a complete mess, the bumper on my lorry just pushed in a bit, insurance details exchanged, the police gave her a fine etc as she was updating her Facebook status, seriously?! It must have read "Just about to crash LOL", what sort of idiot updates her Facebook status whilst joining a busy motorway. Go on GUESS what happens next...that's right the lorry fails to start AGAIN. A passing trucker ask if he can help, he does and I'm off home. I make it back to the yard, a little bit (honest) over my driving time and looking forward to my first day of much needed birding tommorow, I jump in my car leave Brackmills industrial estate just driving pass Clifford Hill on the A45, smash, a wood pigeon right in the windscreen. I suddenly remember that on my local birding group Mark Avery posted the question "what's your least favourite bird and why?" I voted for the wood pigeon, why? Because they always seem to fly into the path of the vehicle you're driving. POETIC JUSTICE or what? The windscreen replaced and off to the car wash to get rid of blood and feathers. In the car wash I forget my VW Golf's aerial on the roof, TWANG as the air drier rips it off, no real damage but just my luck today, I was pondering wether to go inside the car wash to pick it up or not, knowing my luck it would start up, it didn't and I got home without any other misfortune. Sundays suck....anyone else with worse luck then me today I would love to hear might cheer me up lol

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