Monday, 1 October 2012

A few images from weekend

CARRION CROW (CORVUS CORONE), Swooping in on a squirrel

No proper birding this weekend, the continental shift patterns falling on Saturday and Sunday, not too bothered considering the weather not being ideal for photography. Not sure why we work weekends as the firm I work for I would say 90% of their freight gets delivered into small fashion outlets, so it leaves us scratching our heads for what to do.  Forklift truck racing, followed by games of poker, followed by "stock taking", but as explained to one co-worker, that doesn't mean you get to take the stock to the boot of their cars...I am lucky that the boss is pretty relaxed and often lets me go far a walk around the industrial estate (he wanted to watch the golf) with the camera, sounds a bit daft, hardly the best place to go bird watching, but Brackmills Industrial Estate does have some good'ish green spaces, including a small lake (filled with Koi!!!), beats standing around doing nothing.
I opted for the lake as it wasn't too far away on foot in case work was suddenly found. Birds found were Goldfinch,Bullfinch,Robin,Dunnock,Blue Tit,Great Tit, Long Tail Tit (loads of them),Sparrowhawk,Kestrel,Black Headed Gull, Herring Gull,Common Gull,Carrion Crow,Jackdaw,Magpie,Jay,Green Woodpecker,Great Spotted Woodpecker, a small flock of 10 Mistle Thrush,Song Thrush,Grey Wagtail,Blackbird and Buzzard. Not to bad of a list seeming as I wasn't really looking to hard. I got the Grey Wagtail image from one of the fishing pontoons on the lake. The Crow, also pictured was trying it's best at catching a grey squirrel, never seen that behaviour before!

GREY WAGTAIL (Motacilla cinerea), considering a spot of fishing.



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