Sunday, 7 October 2012

Buzzards and Starlings

A great way to start the morning, was to be awoken by the arrival of cheap "plastic fantastic" 35mm lens via ebay. seriously £6.50!!! a bargain and it works perfectly. Hopefully I'll be able to photograph some sites/landscapes around Northants. I've added a new page at the top of the blog and when I get some images to put on there I'll let you know. The second best way to start the morning was the fact there was very little cloud in the sky, with work looming tomorrow my original plan was to make the most of it, be covering either several locations or to start on my Kingfisher/Jay project.
I arrived at Clifford Hill (not the gravel pit) and parked up. I had a quick glance along the hedgerow leading up to the hill and could see quite a few Starlings and the odd Yellowhammer, further up the hedgerow I could see a Kestrel hovering and on the actual hill I could hear two Jays having a bit of a dispute. So the Kingfisher plan was put on hold and I climbed the hill. When I got to the top the Kestrel promptly saw me and flew back to the fields at the bottom of the hill...git! At the same time flushing the Starlings and Yellowhammers, thought the Starlings did eventually turn back up the Yellowhammers and Kestrel didn't. The Jays I managed to get, but still not happy at the resulting images. Other birds were Treecreepers, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Green Woodpecker, Chiff Chaff, Nuthatches, Linnets, Long Tail Tit, Blue Tit, Great Tit, Meadow Pipit, Skylark (four), Blackbird, Goldfinches, 10 Mistle Thrushes which headed towards the gravel pit and five Buzzards one of which came down low and landed on the trees on the top of the hill, it flew around very low being very vocal before joining the other four Buzzards. I spent ages on the hill, the Buzzard flying around so much with only two downsides, 1: forgetting all about the Kingfisher and 2: Seemingly keeping the Kestrel away. Every time it approached the field I was in the Buzzards would swoop down flushing the Kestrel away.

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