Friday, 26 October 2012


Well I went for a wander around harrington airfield this morning. Didn't really get too much. The list is as follows 1 Buzzard, 1 (female) Sparrowhawk, 1 solitary Golden Plover near the track/bundles of hay. Up the centre of the field where the hay bales are were a flock circa 20 Chaffinches with 10 Greenfinches also 5 Redwings and some Song Thrushes passing overhead, opposite the bundles of hay (in the field with the Leylandi trees, spelt incorrectly) the sprawk flushed 12 Yellowhammers and approximately 20 Linnets. Overhead I had Meadow Pipits,Skylarks and 1 Pied wagtail.
I wasn't happy with the light and headed back along the track to the car, on the way back I came across some old bloke who appeared to be struggling, he had forgotten his inhaler, so I offered him a lift back to Maidwell (where he lived) and after a friendly cuppa and making sure he was ok, I opted to go home, no images!


  1. No images, but the 'hero' of the day.
    Nice one Doug.

  2. Nah, I'd seen the old fellow before up there, I thought his wife was going to kill him for forgetting his inhaler the way she berated the ol' boy :)

  3. I've just checked on your beloved, you still haven't got a POTW, you must be crap, why don't you stop bird photography it's obviously something you're not good at!

  4. Because I enjoy it to much Mr./Mrs.Anon, glad that a)Despite my poor images you came back to my blog b)You visited Birdguides to check if I got a POTW, really? How bored you must've been, search the POTW feature much more interesting then looking at my images c)in still being a scardy cat to leave your name at the end of the comment....Oh we've just eqaulised back to the game, bye bye.