Tuesday, 16 October 2012


I had to go out, ok my hand was killing me. The finger being broken, doesn't hurt, it's actually the sprained wrist that hurts the most. I've had bruises but this looks like a beetriot. Force of habit got me out of bed at 6am. I was bored after only being up for half an hour. By the time the Jeremy Kyle show had started I was near suicidal, what a load of tosh, I had until this morning been blessed with missing the dire pile of crap. I went out to my car but the wrist meant I couldn't even put the Golf into reverse, I needed an automatic, my eldest sister has an automatic..great..it was a Meriva..bugger. Still it was Meriva or Jeremy Kyle. I phoned my sister and she said I could use it on two conditions, no smoking and she wanted my GTi. Now if it had been my younger sister I could handle her driving the car (good driver), but I needed to get out so agreed, took pictures of every panel on the car and told her to be careful. As she pulled away around the corner I could hear the turbo's winding up and the exhaust crackle away...b***h, I'm now going to smoke in her Meriva.
I opted to go to my newly discovered Barn Owl site a bit late in the morning but I knew there was other stuff there. I drove down the lane and spotted this Kestrel sat on a post almost being blown off in the wind, two problems though, can you see from the unworked image below what the problem is!!!

Kestrel (falco tinnunculus), Gate in the way
Unfortunately the gate leading into one of the fields was higher then the post the bird was sat on, and the sun was behind the bird too. I scratched my head as I tried to think how to eliminate the gate from the image. I could negate the light issue, by playing with the camera's exposure and place the car at a better angle. I was just about to give up so lit a fag and opended up the sunroof when I had a eureka moment. The roof had opened and I had moved the car and the Kestrel had stayed put. Just looking below itself looking for food. So I did a few test shots through the windscreen, and slowly stood up and poked my head and camera out the window, placed the bean bag on the roof and placed the camera and lens on top of the bean bag. I think if it hadn't been so windy this Kestrel would have flown off long before I had even opened the sunroof. I grabbed a few images and some strange looks of some lady out for a ramble. And then the bird dropped to the ground, due to the angle I couldn't even see the bird on the ground, a few seconds later the Kestrel flew off to a tree with a MASSIVE earth worm (not a slow worm). I couldn't really lift my lens so no flight images, but I stayed there head poking out the sunroof watching with my binoculars, checking it was definately a earthworm, when "Oi, Monty", it was the farmer coming to move his cattle, I think he meant I looked like Field Marshall Montgomery, I think, I was blocking his gate, so moved the car, he took the mickey out of the Meriva. We chatted about the Barn Owl, and I helped him move his cows, well I stood there and waved my arms around like and idiot, afterwards after a long chat he said I could use one of his old milking sheds and have a walk around the filed anytime I liked.....much better then watching Jeremy Kyle. Result. I was worried about the point of view/angle and slighlty blew the highlights a little, but by standing up I did get a nice green background from the vegetation, not too shabby but not the cracker I was hoping for.

Kestrel (falco tinnunculus), ahh that's better!


  1. That last one is a lovely shot of a handsome bird.

  2. It's a lovely image, Douglas. Great to have such a good relationship with a farmer.

  3. Thanks Christian, building relationships between farmers/landowners was something Richard Bedord kept repeating to me was very important and vital, he wasn't wrong. As a result the famer alreay has a few prints that he keeps in an album...not good enough for his walls lol