Friday, 5 October 2012


Well in my previous post I had a few ideas for what I was going to photograph, or try to anyway, But as with all the best made plans it didn't quite work out. Firstly my Kingfisher spot was only ever going to be an early afternoon place with the light coming from the best direction. Sadly the weather hasn't been brilliant. The best light coming in the morning. And as for the Jays' I can only blame myself really, and weren't happy with the images...must try harder.
Most of my photography really took place yesterday (4th October). In the afternoon I ventured out to Blueberry Farm, Maidwell. I had Meadow Pipits, the odd Swallow passing through, a very pale Buzzard (think Osprey and you'll get how pale it is) that's a bit of a regular bird up there, Sparrowhawk,Jays and 4 different Kestrels hassling the Jays and 1 Short Eared Owl that was actually quite high up and drifted towards Hanging Houghton and 1 Short eared Owl in the horse paddock near the farm.
The rest of Thursday (morning) I thought I would sort out the garden feeders and do some more images of the Goldcrest. Feeders cleaned and topped, fence "cat proofed" and I was then ready for some photography.
Sadly my garden has the sunlight poking from behind the Yew tree and fence so shutter speed isn't always too high and to be honest one neighbour did poke his head over the fence and laughingly query why I was holding a "bazooka" in my hands (Canon's 500mm prime lense) after a friendly banter and gossip (all important lol) I was READY. As you can see from the two images, taken in good light (sunny) there's a vast difference in how the light differs depending on which part of the tree the birds are in.

I don't have to wait, they are always in the garden during the winter, the hardest part is keeping up with them as they leap from branch to branch. I've gradually worked myself closer to them, so for the flight shots I so badly want I can get away using the 300mm f2.8 which should, fingers crossed give me the shutter speed I need and stop my neighbours funny jokes.......

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