Wednesday, 31 October 2012


SHORT EARED OWL (Asio flammeus),hopefully more of these during the winter
 Okay not too many more images, the rest of the images from yesterday, those I've worked on are all on my website in the "Latest Updates", you can either follow the link opposite or click here. If you so wish.
I posted below a Lapwing from Pitsford reservoir and the last image a Sprawk, I was a bit slow to spot the fast moving sprawk and almost missed it, just getting the underbelly....lovely! Must try harder.

LAPWING (Vanellus vanellus), Pitsford Reservoir

SPARROWHAWK (accipiter nisus), aka sprawk


  1. Hello buddy, VERY nice images from your last posts! Hope you don't mind me asking but where is your Shortie hotspot at Pitsford? If you don't want to broadcast it then there is an email link to pm me at the top right of my blog. Stunning stuff mate!

  2. Oh and regarding your previous post about the Bearded Tits at Stortons, me and a mate of mine spent 3 hours there sunday morning in vain. We did hear a couple of "pings" but due to the wind we couldn't be 100% sure they were Beardies that we heard. An hour after we left the report came through on Twitter that they were heard :-/

  3. Thanks David, to be fair last time the Beardies were at Stortons it took a couple of visits to find them, not only is the reed big there's also smaller clumps scattered around the site and some unreachable reeds too.

  4. Great flight shots Doug.

    Went to Welney yesterday, and a SEO was harrasing some Lapwings. Too far for pictures though.