Monday, 15 October 2012


Just thought I would do a quick post, I'm going to be "out of order" for a little while. On Sunday whilst driving at/for work my lorry was rear ended by a DRUNK foreign trucker (replace the letters "tr" with an "f" in the word trucker for how I really feel). I was slowing down near the Cattthorpe junction of the M1, when bang, my lorry was shunted into the middle lane, just missing a family towing a caravan, ripped my rear axles clean off, lorry complete right off. His lorry cab was smashed in, but it was mostly the side where a Brit driver would've been sat, apparently he tried going up the hard shoulder otherwise I think he would've been history. Drunk twat walks up stinking of booze, gesticulating, screaming, shouting etc in my face, I had it, and smacked the twat, sadly for me right in front of two police men who were in the outside lane and saw the whole incident. Cuffed up in the back of the car the bloke then starts head butting the windows, NUTTER. I had to wait for a spare police car to turn up, the copper took my statement, I asked if I was under arrest, "Nah, don't blame you really, I think I might of done the same"...Phew. I've broken my little finger and the one next to it, and sprained my wrist, caused by the steering wheel whipping around so quickly and me fighting it. Oh and slightly sore neck/whiplash, compensation claim? Nope, luckily my boss is giving me time off on full pay...Yippee! Have to thank Sara who came and picked my up from the hospital in Rugby. Try typing with one hand, I'm going to have to dig out my tripod now as hand holding my 500mm lens is out of the question, I think it's time to consider a career change.....


  1. Sounds like a lucky escape for you Doug.
    Hope you soon get on the mend.
    As for the foreign git, hope they lock him up, or send him back home.

  2. Fu**ing foreign truckers, they are all bast**ds, I have problems with them almost every day!!!! Glad you are OK mate.

    PS You should sue the arse off him........nice new lens there?

  3. I was thinking about suing the twat, but I had a really bad crash a few years back for which I got compenstaion for and I found it really hard to get 1: car insurance, as you go on a database and it's their way of discouraging people suing with a high premium 2: Trouble getting a job driving for the same reasons as the above. Also when at hospital, the police said they were charging him for drink driving but they said he probably won't turn back up to the UK for court, happens all the time apparently. So getting money out of his insurance will be hard. Just have to console myself that I gave him a good whack and I didn't hit the car and caravan next to me and my boss is cool with the pay/holiday etc