Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Every time I've gone to or driven past the Billing Aqudrome in the evening I've noticed a Starling roost. It keeps getting bigger and bigger, tonight between the Car Supermarket and the Riverside retail park on the A45, the Starlings were begining to roost in the trees on the Aquadrome next to the Car Supermarket. It was approximately 500 to 600 birds, not massive, I'd be the first to admit, but it was originally about 100/150 birds a week ago, so hopefully it will get larger. There seemsto be4 to 5 small flocks merging into one. One flock coming from the Ecton Brook and Standerns Barn housing estate, before they merge this flock holds up in the trees near the entrance of the Aquadrome, another flock comes from the fields behind the Billing Mill pub, another flock from the lake opposite the same pub (not the marina), and the last from Clifford Hill Gp, they' started flocking around 1700/1730 hours. They've roosted at various sites around the Aquadrome including behind the Mercedes garage on the retail park, the "fitness centre" on the retail park, on a small reed bed near the Boating Club (behind the Peugeout dealer/nene river) and also in the numerous trees on the Aquadrome. Hopefully it'll get bigger and bigger as the winter rolls on. It's not massively impressive but it is the biggest flock I've seen so far this winter and it did get large very quickly. Below is a full frame unworked image (resized file size) of one of the small flock coming from Ecton Brook to the Aquadrome at 17:10, I've not counted the birds (gave up after 80) but guess it to be around 120, fancy counting them for me lol


  1. Always an amazing sight Doug. Watched a roost here in MK a few years ago, at Willen Lake.

    I'll leave the mathematicians to count those birds lol

  2. Cheers, though a friend gave me a useful tip, I put the image into photoshop, selected the spot removal tool and clicked once on every starling then counted how many "actions" said "spot removal, 220+. Seem like I under estimate instead of over estimating.

  3. Hi Doug

    We've just included a link to your post on starlings on our Facebook page - - as someone posted a question about where to see starling roosts in Northants.

    Love your photos. Perhaps you would like to 'like' our page on Facebook?

    1. Hi Annette, thanks for linking up to this post. I have to say that sadly what was looking like a good Starling roost taking shape has dispersed, the majority of the Starlings are roosting between Clifford Hill gravel pits and the A45 near the Riverisde retail park. But nowhere near as impresive as the original roost.
      I would love to "like" your page on Facebook, but I think I'm the only person in the UK who doesn't "do" Facebook as when I first started my account and PC was hacked via Facebook, I'll sort a link for for the wildlifetrust (BCN) when I get home.