Tuesday, 23 October 2012


 Just a quick post, I was having problems with resizing the posted images on my blog, ie when I posted more than two images the first two I could adjust the size of the image and add captions, but any after that would just stay small, after posting for help some lady came to my rescue with a solution, THANK YOU.
Being stuck indoors, I was glad to hear this afternoon of the cancellation of the proposed Badger cull, so pleased I almost jumped off the sofa. Whether the government will try again later next year but keep the proposed cull areas more secretive to prevent the animal right protesters from invading the cull area, we'll have to wait and see. But well done to the animal rights group for being so vocal and out in the "field" causing grief, something I can't do myself.
 So back to the post title...I went out and walked the greyhound up near the gravel pit at Earls Barton, it was so grey and gloomy I left the camera behind and took the binoculars. I parked the car got the hound out and walked up the river Nene past the gravel pit. I got to the massive lake had a look around had a chat with a few other dog walkers and was enjoying just a bit of old fashion bird watching. I got several Green Woodpeckers, 1 Marsh Tit (brilliant, in the carpark too),1 Great Spotted Woodpecker,3 Buzzards,1 Kingfisher,Goldfinches(loads of them),Bullfinch,Great Tit,Blue Tit,1 Treecreeper, on the lake Widgeon,Swans and Tufted Ducks, several Little Egrets and 2 Grey Herons. As I got to the end of the lake I turned pack and headed for the car. As I did I became aware of the presence of the Police helicopter buzzing around. I guessed it was either tracking something in Earls Barton or the nearby dual carriageway of the A45, thought nothing of it.
As I approached the gates near the grave pit I became more aware that the helicopter was still there, now it took my 10 minutes to get from when I first saw the 'copter and when I reached the gate...perhaps what ever they were tracking was heading towards the carpark (it was!!!).
I got to the end of the track that runs past the gravel pit and dodged the flooded bit of path near the carpark by walking round the corner towards the main road, just as I turned to go towards the road I noticed a female copper stood there arms crossed and looking as imposing as she could (she couldn't) as I entered the carpark a male copper and the female copper came running towards me!! "Stop there Sir", I did. "What have you been doing?", I look at my dog and (stupidly) say "what does it look like", "You've been Hare coursing" female copper says, before I get a chance to reply "coursers give greyhound owners a bad reputation", "Was that helicopter following me", it was!!! I explained what I was doing "You don't look like a twitcher", "I'm not, I'm a birdwatcher" and explained the difference, "What does a birdwatcher look like" I asked. I noted the male PC was checking my car details. I explained again what I was doing, how my greyhounds eat rabbit and not Hares, rabbits I skillfully catch and kill from the local butchers! However the female PC was grumpy and started a in depth probe, "what word means the study of birds", "a pervert", not clever but I was now getting grumpy and wet. I even told her how my Uncle Jim was (now retired) a copper in the Met, and when he got a bit old ended up training officers in the skill of high speed pursuits etc at Hendon, "why you walking your dog here", "Why not, everyone else does", I told her how my greyhound crashed out at a race and if it was to run it would re-injure the leg and can only do short walks before it limps, so it wouldn't be any good at chasing Hares. I then spy the male PC using a smart phone (shame the coppers weren't as smart). I asked him if he can browse websites, he said yes, I gave him my website URL and my blog URL. He then shows the female copper the screen, "ornithology" I said to her and got a glare that would've melted an iceberg. The check came back on my name over the radio, oh dear, the mood was improving, I explained the record, and after what seemed an eternity and even more question's they relented, apparently if the force helicopter is flying back to their base after a call out, if they're going across countryside they keep their eyes peeled for hare coursers, fly tipping and do thermal checks on buildings (cannabis growing..apparently)....very odd, but I did get an apology (from the male PC, I really don't know what the female PC's attitude was all about) but the female copper "stropped" back to the car. I said there was no need as I was impressed that they actually bothered with what they thought was hare coursing, just a shame some attitudes (female PC) didn't match the initiative used by the helicopter crew. Very weird. But if someone can tell me what a "proper" birder looks like I would be grateful, perhaps I need a beard or something like that!?
Kestrel, same bird and post, different angle.


  1. Well anyone who thinks it's ok to race greyhounds and kill rabbits for them to eat should be arrested! SCUM

  2. Wow what a... Read the post again,1) the rabbits are sourced from a butchers, not killed by myself 2)if you look at the top part of my blog you'll see "page headers" one titled "my canine friends". Read that, my greyhounds are rescues, never raced by myself. But by other people. I agree some trainers are bad individuals but I've met many who actually care for their dogs, James' owner regulary checks with me on how the dog is doing etc. You're obviously a clever person Anonymous so solve this anagram to reveal what I think of you DEAD HICK....come again

  3. What a brilliant reply to that last comment Doug, I'm pissing myself!!!

  4. Great story Doug.
    I suppose a date with the female copper is out of the question then? lol

    Three good pictures too.

  5. Cheers Paul I assume you got the anagram lol, honestly though people can leave what ever comment they wish I will not remove any comments good or bad, but I detest "ANON'S" leave a name and don't be a coward/shy.
    Cheers Keith, unfortunately a date is out of the question, strange attitude,because from body language I think she had a problem with me from the start,I was wondering if "anon" was her!We'll never know I suppose.

  6. I'm actually thinking of the birders I know and they've got beards too, I'll get a fake one from a joke shop 'till I can grow one :)

  7. Mine's a bit poor, to be honest. I'm 32 and I know a lad who had a more manly beard then me when he was 15! I was off work ill for two weeks so didn't have to shave!

  8. Hi all, is there a way to turn off the camera noise when taking pictures as it is very loud, or even turn is down

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    1. On most dslr's there isn't a function to turn down the noise as it's a genuine mechanical sound of the shutter closing, though there are products that you can wrap around the camera body to silence it a bit, as sadly they are getting more and more noisy. On some point and shoot cameras (Nikon coolpix and canon sure shot models etc) you can turn the shutter sound off via the menu on the settings section. I'm not sure about phone cameras but again because it recording the image rather then an actual shutter mechanism it should be possible.