Sunday, 18 November 2012


It's been killing me, knowing I must be the last photographer in the UK to get an image of a Waxwing, image after image being uploaded onto Birdguides, one in taken on the Shetlands had some youngster with a stick and some apples with obliging Waxwings perched on them (some have all the luck lol), kind of a Waxwing shish-kebab!! The first day they appeared on Mike's bird reports I saw "Homebase" carpark, in my eagerness I rushed down, drove around the carpark couldn't even see a suitable tree for them, I re-checked the reports and saw it said "Homebase, Sixfileds", me being a twat drove down to "Homebase, Riverside retail park", I should really learn to read. The next few days it was a bit gloomy so did my best to ignore the reports, until I saw the weather forecast for today. I didn't fancy standing around a carpark so was pleased to see reports for Stortons Gp/Sixfields Lake. Off I went, as I pulled in David and Jonty were already there, good sign, only to hear they flew off, but I knew they might come back round, whilst waiting in...a carpark, Bob and Mike also turned up and there was Redpoll, though to be fair I'm not keen on Redpolls, so waited, they didn't turn back up to carpark and David kindly pointed which direction they flew off, so I opted to have a look around the lake.
On the walk round I saw quite a few wrens on the other side of the river bank,a Cettis Warbler being vocal, a few Bullfinches and a Sparrowhawk, I know another pair of birders (girlfriend/boyfriend) whose names I've forgotten, I'm really bad with names managed an image of the Cettis and saw a Brambling and weasel. I was just about to give and turnaround when some birder kindly told me they were just around the corner, funnily exactly where David had pointed in the direction of. Sadly they were mostly perched up high on the wrong side of the river bank, one did briefly drop down and close, but sadly looking at the images one half of the bird is covered in shadows from the bushes and tall trees around us. Can't complain to much as they did hang around for ages and were constantly leaping out of the tree catching insects, plenty of flight shots to go for. They are a little distant so shall not bother working them but it was nice watching them. I think at most there was about 20 Waxwings but weren't really counting.
Not as good as my last bunch of images from a couple of years back due to heavy crops, afterwards I did go down to St.James Retail park as that was the side of the river they were on, found the tree (helped I could see them!!!) but it was behind locked gates, so was actually closer were I was originally. I searched for the other bushes/trees they were flocking into and again it was behind closed gates, someone on Monday morning when they turn up for work is going to get good views, if they know what they are of course!
I think next time I visit/search for waxwings I'm going to take a big stick (or my monopod) and some apples.


  1. Tut, Tut; what you got against Redpolls? lol
    Lovely little birds.

    Excellent shots of these beauties Doug. Myself and Trevor nipped over to Sixfields the other day. The only day they'd gone somewhere else. Missed them, but they came back after we left. Still waiting to see them here, and my guess is it won't be too long.

    1. If you find yourself back at Sixfields lake and they're not in the carpark walk all the way down to the bottom end of the lake (clockwise round) and they were just after a small green metal bridge. Redpoll, it's me, apart from that red splodge on their head, they just don't appeal, I'll still stop to have a look, just not photograph...I'm a weirdo like that :)