Saturday, 24 November 2012


 God. it's getting harder to think of titles for blog posts, I think in future I'm just going to get a thesaurus, rip the pages out and check the pages out in a random fashion to see if I can create better post titles.
"WITH AGE COMES WISDOM", yep it's my birthday today and after the planned session down the local tonight any wisdom gained, then tonight it will be washed away by copious amounts of brain cell destroying alcohol. Hopefully if the weather man is right I shall be able to get out and actually photograph something of interest, though after having watched the local news and seeing how bad the river Nene is at the moment I think all my usual haunts are going to be hard to get to. For example I saw on the news the Mill near Summer Leys and how the Nene had flooded the road on the approach to the reserve but even if I can get to the reserve 1) my last few views haven't produced any decent images and given the islands are flooded I can't see much being there 2) I can't see the carpark be accessible, as the ditches were close to bursting on my last visit and there hadn't been alot of rain!!!
I'm going to give the owls a rest as they too were having a hard enough time hunting and I rather let them hunt in peace then get an image. I was thinking about going up to Fineshades as I haven't been there this year yet and with all the wind we've had and are forecasted to have the leaves should've fallen enough by now to get some light, BUT it's the weekend ie doggies everywhere, I think it's time to get the map attached to the wall and throw a dart and see were it lands....
 So a year on, am I any wiser, don't be daft. Still walking around in complete ignorance and bliss, I was going to do an early yearly round up, but thought I would hold fire for now.
To be honest this week I've done no birding, Thursday and the Friday I had to help a friend of mine  who lives behind the Billing Aquadrome and help her move some cats away from the increasing river level, to be honest I'd rather chucked them in the Nene...ooops!
What I found curious on the Friday was how dry Upton Mill was and the carpark area where I was last weekend with the Waxwings compared to the Billing Aquadrome and further down stream, I know the sale of the Billing Aquadrome came with a covenant that allows the Environment Agency to flood the area to prevent flooding in Northampton itself (those expensive flood defensive in the town was money well spent then!!!), but I looked at the hotel/pub/petrol station and some of the houses behind the Aquadrome and how they've been effected and wonder where the common sense in flooding the Billing Aquadrome is, does it make sense to risk flooding a petrol station and the resulting pollution? Still what do I know.
I'm off to the pub, I hope you enjoy the images and yes Rafal Benitez is a RAT, Roman you're a doughnut and thank you Roberto go and join a club that respects your talent mate.