Saturday, 8 December 2012

Last few from Norfolk

Well I managed to stretch to three posts  with an impromptu visit to Norfolk, that's how bad things had got for me in Northants. After another late night, TV planners cleverly placing another more modern George A Romero film on at 2am (gits) "Diary of the Dead" had me waking up quite late this morning, plus the fact I'm stumped as to what to go and photograph in Northants today....checked my feeders, early morning sees about 20 Starlings (with at least 50 in the area) descend onto the feeders and munch away, a few Great Tits, 5 different Blackbirds which is quite good I think,Blue Tits, a Robin scrapping with two Dunnocks, these two species REALLY don't like each other and a Wren, so quickly cleaned and topped up the feeders after a lull in action, loads of gulls over our housing estate, Common Gulls, Black Headed Gulls and Herring Gull (singular). I've opted for some more owls today.
So one last Barn Owl actually flying off to it's roost, and two Herring Gulls, the last one kind of sums up how I feel at the moment but you can't go the coast and not take an image of a Herring Gull, can you? The very last image is a "record shot" of a flock of Widgeon, there is one or two Teal in there...fancy counting them? Click on it to see full size image.


  1. Oh, I love that yawning Herring Gull. Excellent!

    1. Couldn't resist it, surprised how few people photograph them ( I have a soft spot for Herring and Common Gulls), it turned around, mouth wide open, sadly my autofocus focused on the birds tonsils and the birds head was soft, honestly you could see right down it's throat, I'm doing a new page at the top of the blog soon called record shots, should make people laugh!

  2. Super images Doug! Thanks for sharing them, and the other Barnies, with us.

    BTW, our Robin also shows agression towards our Dunnocks - never noticed this before this year!

  3. Thanks Richard. I've seen Robins get grumpy with each other, but I too have never noted/seen Robins and Dunnocks be aggresive towards each other, there's plenty of food in different areas of the garden so it's not like they're competeing for a small amount of food etc, but they actually will seek each other out for a scrap, very odd. Yet they don't do it to the smaller Goldcrests and Wren!