Saturday, 8 December 2012


Well I actually got out, I had plans for tommorow but I note yet another Romero film on tonight. At this rate I shall probably look like a zombie...thanks TV planners. I went up to Harrington as their had been some Bramblings, a Short eared Owl and a occasional Merlin. The Bramblings were right bang on spot as reported on Eleanor's and Neil Mcmahon's blog. Though I have to say I think there might possibly be twelve there,  first spotted 7 Bramblings eating seed on the ground,  bit dark but very hard (near impossible) to get near for anything other then a record image, in the poor image I counted 8 I also noted whilst the eight were on the ground there was a definate 3 others with Chaffinches in the trees next to path, actually hanging back and not coming down sadly I think another was possible but a horse spooked them away, they came back but in tow were a healthy number of Yellowhammers, I think to get a decent image I'm going to have to use a hide, plus being fussy I want them in the trees not on the horrible looking concrete track. Didn't go looking for the Shortie it was midday so thought I would look harder for it another day. I went down to Blueberry afterwards, there was Fieldfare, Buzzards, a snipe (though that was from another birder I bumped into down there) 1 Little Egret flew through low from the direction of Hanging Houghton in the bottom field. Not much else "special" until on the way back, as I drove away from Blueberry Farm I was going back in the direction of Maidwell along the narrow track/lane, just after the small wood area you drive through I came up the hill and on the hedgerow outside the farm on the left (sorry don't know it's name but it's the last farm on the lane) a Merlin was flushed possibly going for the Sparrows that are there and went it the neighbouring field opposite the farm, sat very far away on a post, it was a male Merlin. Nice distant view with the binoculars but too far away for the camera.
Apart from a few Yellowhamers and Bullfinches I didn't get much in the way of images today, so here's my definate last Barnie from Norfolk, not my best but couldn't resist lol, to be honest I don't like it much, so here goes what do you think optioan a)Yeah keep it or option b) you're blind mate, recycle it.


  1. I'd be over the moon if I'd taken this one Doug, so my vote is a no-brainer. It's a capital 'A'

    1. Thanks Richard, I was a little worried about the wing tips and tail.