Tuesday, 26 March 2013


I tried a bit of theme here on these images and tried using images of birds that landed on the log at Summer Leys feeding station, like I said in a previous post it was just an hour spent after work, light wasn't brilliant, I couldn't increase the dof (depth of field) without loosing what shutter speed I had so I'm not 100% happy with the images to be honest (tails soft, feet not sharp and I like feet).


After Sunday's GP and the farce that was team orders (thats' why FIA team orders should be banned) I got to thinking of two things. 1) Wether after forking out nearly £400 on the British GP will I see the fastest man win or team orders and whether if team orders are put into practise whether I can get a refund on my ticket 2) Whats the worse thing I've heard in the last few days? Not knowing what is the worse sound, Nico Roseberg easing off the throttle before the braking zone on Lap 56 so to avoid overtaking Lewis or Seb having to say sorry for trying to win a race and keeping the sport honest (huh). Shame Miss Perry after the race had to say she felt let down after the race as a motorsport fan because of the controversy of Sebs action (not controversial in my opinion), well Miss Perry how let down do you think those who paid a vast fortune to watch the race at the circuit would feel if Seb hadn't RACED, you don't have to pay for your day out at the circuit, I did through my license fee love. I cringed as I heard Seb trying to come up with an excuse to his actions, here's one for you Seb "I'm a racing driver and I wouldn't be one if I didn't try to win" nuff said. Mind you as long as the snow melts I shall be going on Sunday to see some honest hard racing bumper cars, oops I mean the British Touring Cars, can't wait, love it, and I love it even more with the fact that they have an open pit lane before the racing, giving those who paid to go and watch at the circuit a chance to see the cars,drivers and most importantly the pit girls up close and personal. If you never been to a BTCC event you should, it ain't expensive and some great racing from Porsche,Clio Cup (more bumper car action),Ginettas and the big boys of the BTCC, and you'll see some up and coming young drivers too, Lewis Hamilton was racing on the supporting bill before going into GP2. I'm not 100% sure but I think Max Chilton raced in one of the support races ( I know Tom Chilton races in BTCC). And the fans are great too...nutters like me.


But after all that I heard something that delighted me and equally pissed me right off. I had a Song Thrush calling in a tree tonight before the sun dipped down. Not a truly "amazing" call or an "special" bird, but great to hear and it wasn't the calling of the Song Thrush that annoyed me I was very happy to hear it though at the time couldn't see it, I've seen a pair over at Eastfield Park hopping along the ground. No what pissed me off and made laugh was when I heard some woman screaming "would you shut the f**k up", "screams", "f******g shut up would you", now at first I thought maybe a domestic, but looking over my fence (and my neighbours) I could see this "women" leaning out of her upstair window looking into the trees opposite, I follow her stare and could make out the Song Thrush sat in the tree calling away, I couldn't resist so hid myself, "shut the f**k up" she yelled..here's my chance "no you shut up". "who said that, who said that" I giggle and walk back indoors, only to see my neigbour looking over his fence at me and just smiling "stupid cow" we exchange pleasantries....seriously what is the world coming to when you're screaming at a bird to be quiet!? So I think the worse thing I heard in the last few days wasn't Nico's slowing engine, Sebs apology for winning a race, Webber becoming a pohm (not pom but pohm ie Prisoner Of Her Majesty) and whingeing but some mad ol' cow screaming at a bird

Sadly one bird absent from the feeding station was the once very common Tree Sparrow, I didn't even see one? Which is a shame because when I first started to go to Summer Leys it was always the first and last bird you saw at the nature reserve.


  1. A justified rant. M. W. is always going to be on the back foot. I bet the Red Bull tent was a fraught place.

    Good birds no matter what you think.

    1. I bet the atmosphere was tense too not a good place to be, this is why I think team orders can have a negative effect on a team, why should the number "2" driver share set-up info etc, then there is the risk of the tension spilling over onto the track resulting in carnage...thanks about the images, perhaps I'm being to fussy?

  2. Another excellent set of images Douglas, I know that you're not entirely happy with them but if I could achieve those kind of results I'd be over the moon!

    As for the F1 on Sunday I'm afraid things will never change, team orders or no team orders, (and the fact that there are a 1001 ways to bring about the required result !) because at the end of the day it all comes down to money, sponsors money! There will be none more pleased than the sponsors of those four cars (Red Bull and Petronas) and of course Mercedes as the controversy will roll on and get them air time and print space around the world for what would otherwise (if there had been a 'normal' result to the race) have been a three week exposure hiatus until the next race! Think of all the time and space given to Hamilton's 'mistake' of driving into the wrong box, a sponsors dream, worldwide exposure for little cost!
    I'll always remember, whilst working for the Arrows F1 Team, when our chief mechanic was badly injured at the chaotic start of the 1981 Belgian GP ( http://www.speedcafe.com/2010/06/04/dave-luckett/ ) Beta tools, one of the main team sponsors, were so pleased with the worldwide TV and press coverage, it was the most 'air time' they'd ever had!, that they supplied huge sets of tools and tool cabinets to every mechanic. I wouldn't be at all surprised if the four drivers involved in the outcome of Sunday's race, 'naughty' or not, will ultimately be 'rewarded' or seen in a good light by their respective sponsors.
    I seem to recall that during the off season messers Whitmarsh, Brawn et al were saying how they needed to make the races more exciting for the public who have to pay high prices for their tickets, well that idea certainly went out the window on Sunday when they were telling their drivers to hold station!
    Sorry Douglas this comment has turned into a bit of an epic, you got me going there!!
    What I guess I'm trying to say is...That things will never be as clear cut as they should be, as long as there's big money involved the 'big boys' will always have their say!!
    Enjoy your BTCC meeting.... but I'll bet, to a certain degree, things there are run on much the same principals as is F1!!......Money rules!...[;o)

    1. Thanks, and no need to apologise for the length of a comment, some very valid points in there. Sadly sponsors are getting more and more influential, even to the point of deciding of which drivers etc and as money gets tights so the influence gets greater. Compared to some of the races in F1 during M.Schumacher dominance I think F1 had (last season) got the balance just about right in terms of overtaking etc sadly with tyre degratiton I think they've gone a step too far this season. I understand how a team can effect a race too easily (slow pit stops etc) so perhaps team orders should stay, BUT it effects the sport, for example if I had placed a bet down the bookies that on Sunday Webber would win, and team orders were followed and Webber had won, would the bookies be within their right to refuse to pay out as the race could be considered to be fixed? It goes further if you're a worker within that team and knew what the team orders would be and place a bet does that become a criminal offence and which point does it stop being a sport? This then brings the sport into dispute, now I understand some sponsors would be happy at the coverage, but not all of them. Those that don't want the negative press would then withdraw their support and F1 suffers.
      Yeah BTCC and every other form of motorsport has team orders even rallying, remember Colin Macrae/Carlos Sainz and Subaru (spelt wrong I think)in BTCC Jason Plato's team mate is always a slower rookie, Matt Neal well his dad owns the team, and obviously team mates will move over etc but at the end of the day there was no reason for this early in the season to impose team orders the season ends on my birthday 24th November! Look at the podium, Seb looked awkward, Webber was pissed off and Lewis looked gloomy is that image F1 wants to promote?

    2. Don't get me wrong Douglas, I'm not condoning team orders - far from it, I'm just saying that as long as big money is involved they'll always be there, be it openly or covertly, as they have been from the year dot!
      On the tyre side of things, I think that when Pirelli took on the contract their brief from the powers that be was to make the tyres such that they made for closer and more exciting racing, for the benefit of 'the show', and so far I think they've done an exceptional job.
      As for the betting, I agree with you 100%. If the race result is engineered in some way then surely that's 'Match fixing' and therefore illegal on so many counts. End of! It'll have to be a rich and brave man who challenges it though!!
      I think the hurt faces and the glum looks on the podium were just the drivers showing their dented egos, like naughty schoolboys after being told off, and at the end of the day, as long as they toe the line, they'll still pick up their mega bucks after every race! For years to come the images of those three faces will be published around the world, an advertising executives dream come true he couldn't have written a better script!!
      As for promoting the image, how many more people will be encouraged to tune in or read the press over the coming weeks, just to see what will happen next, and all the time being subliminally exposed to all those sponsors logos?...[;o)

  3. I understand the team order thing, after all Fangio moved over/slowed down to allow Stirling his first win at the British GP, I just have a sneaky feeling the FIA will be looking at the issue again...we'll have to wait and see.
    I think the tyre issue is a weird one, with DRS and Kerrs etc I don't think the tyres had to be so extreme this year, as they are definately alot worse then last years wear "n" tear they should've kept them the same as last year as the racing was exciting last year. After two races it looks like it going to be about the team that manages it's tyres the best rather then the quickest team and in my opinion F1 was always about pushing car design,development and performance and was a sprint race and not an endurance race, I know when it comes to media exposure companies sponsoring the event/teams are lapping it up (look at us talking about it) however linked in with the tyres look at the advert Bridgstone ran in Italy last year with the slogan "we make tyres that last longer then a few miles" ok slight paraphrasing there but that was the jist, so much so Pirrelli had to go on the offence about the advert.
    I do have to say though I do disagree with the podium situation, Mark was defnately angry did you hear his interview with Brundle, Seb looked like a man who knew he was in trouble for winning a race and Lewis even acknowledge it should have been Nicos third place and was definately embarrased to be tstanding there, Brundle said about this about the podium celebrations "it was definately a very odd podium celebration, very muted, tense atmosphere, I got more of the champagne on me then drivers on each other, I hope my next podium interviews are less tense"
    It's funny how advertising does work even on sceptical people like myself, after all when it came to putting some new boots on my car I had a choice of Goodyear or Pirrelli and I remember thinking, I wonder if they've made the same way as their F1 tryes..plumped for Goodyear :)