Saturday, 6 April 2013


Yippee my weekend started at 6:30 tonight. Four hopefully glorious sunny days...I just need something interesting to photograph. I'm feeling a bit of owlstarvation at the moment and wanted to try a locate an owl Paul Riddle had told me of one he saw in Northants, sadly for me this was just before I cleared off to Jersey,  I had a Barn Owl that arrived nearby to where Paul had spotted his so off I went, luckily my work uniform is green and I already had my camera (I always have my camera) so off I went looking. I started off with the fields near to where the Barn Owl I had was and was able to keep an eye on the area where Paul's was, after much waiting and scanning of every tree I could see I got one new Little Owl, 1 pair of Buzzards nest building, a Skylark,plenty of corvids and a Great Spotted Woodpecker pecking away at a hole, sadly no Barn Owl. I took a walk down the lane got loads of passerines mostly Great Tits and headed towards an establish orchard as the field next to it has a massive set aside which looks promising, got a Kestrel and another Little Owl in the orchard, saw another promising location for the Barn Owl but I'm going to have to consult a map for right-aways/public footpaths etc. So even though I didn't see a Barn Owl I remain positive, simply because on the way back to the car I was approached by a "game keeper", he approached me as he thought my lens was a GUN!! and wanted to know what I was doing, we got chatting and he told me had seen a Barn Owl on and off, mostly just as it was getting dark and pointed out where he had seen it...result...of sorts.
Not very good images below of a pheasant fight  I got on the way back to the car, the birds the gamekeeper thought I was shooting....well I was...of sorts.


  1. I think these shots are fine.

    The pheasants I've seen this year have been very restrained.

    1. Thank you Adrian, thinking about it I haven't seen too many scrapping pheasants nor the ones that like diving in front of your car:)

  2. You set high standards for yourself Douglas! These are great images of the feisty Pheasants, and the only way to shoot these beautiful birds in my opinion!! Good luck with the Owls...[;o)

  3. Thank you Trevor, the owl searching was a complete failure last night/yesterday morning, though I will give it a few more dependent.