Sunday, 12 May 2013


Well I have to admit I get quite jealous of the birds in my sisters garden, I often offered to swap houses but she isn't playing fair. I can't blame her, nice "rural" area with plenty of good birding habitat, in fact there HAS TO BE a Barn Owl nearby.
She keeps saying "I have this one bird it does....what is it", my normaly polite response "How do I know? Take a photo" (told you I was jealous) so she finally did, from her Blueberry device so quality always going to be dodgy

Well apart from quality, the very dodgy looking statue (who the hell is it Linda? Jesus doing karaoke?) and I'm not sure you had to tear your nets down lol lol, but she asked me what they were...House Sparrows, the bird I keep telling you that you're lucky to have so many of....she moans about their noise, but she does have a lot with birds nesting all over the place. I  ALSO LOVE THOSE SCENIC VIEWS OF THE COUNTRY- SIDE LINDA (I'm only jealous) and they're hunting for insects in the brickwork. Who needs a TV when you can watch that?
I have lurking somewhere in my room a very old Nikon D50 and 300mm VR lens, if I can find the battery charger, I think I might have to give Linda a crash course of the basics and see what she can doubt I'll post'll have to have a word though Linda with the owner of that "barn" and see if he has an owl in it for me.......and find out what them "waders" are too.


  1. Family....EH!
    Looks like car boot fodder does the statue.
    Don't you have an old camera you could hire out to her?

  2. Hah, Adrian I'm rolling around and laughing, she sells no manner of "art" done car boot sales and I'm betting that's exactly where that statue has migarted from or hopefully to:)
    I'm the older one of the two of us so I want proper "first goes" on them sparrows she has six males at a time on that wall, though if I find the battery charger she can borrow my ol' Nikon

  3. I'm lucky enough to have a few sparrows here, in the garden. And to think I didn't give them a second glance years ago, because there were so many around.

    I reckon you should swap Jesus for one of your old cameras. :-)

    1. I like House Sparrows, they formed a lot of early childhood memories for me, as for that statue, aparently it's Cliff Richard....wasn't far off with my guess:)