Thursday, 27 June 2013


Right let me go off topic for one moment, I just heard our clueless government have given (once all planning disputes are dealt with) the go ahead with the improvements to the A14, as a regular user of the A14 in my truck I can tell you this road is in my opinion a hell hole worse then the M25, a couple of winters back I was coming from Felixstowe in the truck and was hit by a massive snow storm, snow drifting and nothing moving, it was so bad all the vehicles were stuck for 24 hours, the police herded three groups of people to 5 generous farmers and home owners for the night as we crossed the fields knee high in snow it was like a scene from a film with refugees fleeing a war zone! GREAT THEN YEAH? NO!!! And here's why, I would conservatively estimate 70-80% of the traffic on that road is trucks and vans, sadly the government is making the new section of the road a TOLL ROAD. Now transport companies will NOT PAY for their vehicles to use toll roads, the firm I work for will if we're carrying a time sensitive delivery or the driver is just about to hit a traffic snarl up and is running out of driving time but at no other time are we permitted to use a toll road (well we can but the firm won't reimburse us), for example if I have a run to Earith in Kent, I have go around the M25 past Heathrow rather then pay the toll at the Dartford crossing, which by the way we shouldn't be paying for the crossing, back when the bridge was built the Highway Agency said it would only be so until the cost of the bridge had been paid for, that was done three years ago yet we're still paying it to fund "for other road improvements", surely it doesn't cost much to create a crater sized hole in the road? What road imrpovements?. Have you ever used the M6 toll road? Near empty and you won't see many trucks on it? Will haulage firms pay to use the new section of the A14, NOPE! Will the foreign truck drivers pay to use the toll road? NOPE! Will "average" Joe Public pay to use a toll road (when most moan about paying £3 to park their cars) NOPE! SO WHATS THE POINT? Just another construction company making a killing from public finances have we learnt nothing from the Millennium Dome?
Going by the title of this post you'd be easily be mistaken I would be a happy wrong, the weather although nice and warm was plagued by grey skies, I was gutted and it seems from the image I managed below my "Cuckoo Curse and Grey Skies" bit back again yesterday. Sadly the evocative call of the Cuckoo didn't stir any romantic feelings/notion with me yesterday, it seemed more like it was mocking me, still second male of the summer in two separate locations and was actually a bit of a surprise/bonus bird......

 I was perched for the day at a river bank enjoying watching a farmer busily making bales of hay, knowing to well it would bring something of interest down for the bugs, mostly Black Headed Gulls, the odd tern, Pied Wagtail and this gorgeous Redkite, if you look at it's talons it's got something in them talons and some grass trailing by it's tail.
Wow it was low, circling overhead calling and definitely "checking" me out, the above image was a full frame and cropped just to "remove" the bird from dead centre of the frame....shame about the sky!!! Things didn't improve, sky wise, when it did typically the birds vanished,'s a Sandmartin....
Still with grey skies there's no excuse as I opted to go and search for the Cetti's Warbler calling away when with a burst of "I'm louder then you" a Song Thrush called away, it was showing unlike the Cetti's so plonked for that instead. Now for a comparison look at the light levels between the two images taken 33 seconds apart, that's what annoyed me, one minute bright light (good) then seconds later dull and flat (bad).

Still with a list of Redkite, Cettis Warbler, SandMartin, Hobby, both male and female Kestrel, a daylight calling Tawny (which warrants a revisit), Lesser Whitethroat, Cuckoo and Kingfisher I had plenty to sit back and enjoy watching if not actually photographing.........


  1. Great set Doug; especially that Sand Martin.

    As for this government, I think they are the worst we have had for as long as I can remember. They seem hell bent on destroying everything around them, and most of the people too, if you're not wealthy and into blood sports.

    1. Cheers Keith, you're right about this mob in power at the moment though it seems they have new friends within the construction industry, it made me laugh on the news when they said they'll force lorries to use the new toll road (that should be fun!) and a tarriff has been agreed of £1 for cars £2 for lorries....believe it when I see it!...sorry for late publish of comment, Silverstone for the next few days etc