Wednesday, 5 June 2013


Well first good news: Anyone hear about the retired couple who recently won a £6 million jackpot on the lottery? Well if you didn't why is it good news, well the couple are from Suffolk and have said some of their winnings will go to the Suffolk Wildlife Trust, brilliant when people like that win big, rather them then some "lout" who wastes it all away on crap!
Bad News-to celebrate his mum's coronation etc HRH Prince Charles is (media's/Charles PR machine words) helping to launch/create/protect 16 Wildflower meadows, one of them in Northants (Boddington Meadows), surely good news, and yes on the face of it. But as always you have to look a bit deeper. Firstly, the meadows are already in existence and in most cases are managed/owned by local Wildlife Trust so surely protected for future generations already, the land around these meadows ARE NOT! So is it just another case of the nobles taking the plaudits for others work?
If his highness had said something along of the lines of "out of my vast fortunes I'm going to donate some of my fortunes to various wildlife and conservation charities to create NEW wildflower meadow and link them up to form wildlife corridors, I'm going to ask the government to scrap current planning law reforms and toughen up on environmental laws, I'm also going to ban all forms of pheasant and grouse shooting from all Royal Estates and land" then I would "doff" the proverbial hat, sadly it's all spin and no substance I fear, the Queen came to the throne in austere times and wildlife on it's knee and nothing has changed, perhaps the only monarch in the UK's history not to have left a mark during their reign...GOD SAVE THE QUEEN...NOT!
Good news, I got a Willow Warbler image from my local park this evening, note if you look very carefully at the birds left leg the lighter legs, I was also aided by the fact it was calling as it went about catching food and a Chiff-Chaff not to far away presented me the chance to compare and contrast the two species, the bird below was noticeably smaller compared to the Chiff-Chaff, also the Chiff-Chaff chased this bird off.
More Good News there's been an explosion of juvenile birds both on the estate and on the park species with young in tow have been-Goldfinch,Starlings,Great Tits,Robin,Long Tail Tits, House Sparrows and Blue Tits. It's a tie for first in terms of numbers between Goldfinch and Long Tail Tits alot of both species. The male Sparrowhawk has been busy targeting mostly the Goldfinch.
Good New/Bad News the Sparrowhawk (male) has been very busy, I'm spotting the male over the estate up to three times per day (good), we can't see what's happening on the nest as with all the rain we've had followed by the lovely warm weather means the nest is completely obscured by new foliage (good news for the sparrowhawk, bad news for me...selfish I know). Though the views of behaviour from the male suggest there might be young now in there, the male every time it comes back with prey sits in a tree opposite the nest site, it then gives a "peeh" call that's very faint to the ear and the female comes out, takes the food and goes back to the nest (surely signs of it feeding young) anything that comes close (including Crows) gets chased off straight away with a "kew" type sounding call that's similar to a Kestrel like call but "softer", great behaviour is being shown and has hooked Paul's family though he isn't quite a birder though his daughter is fast becoming very keen even asking her dad to take her out birdwatching...heh,heh,heh, I should really try recording these sounds as my descriptions aren't exactly brilliant, sorry!
And to end this blog post Bad News-two more days of work, grrrr!


  1. That's good news from the lottery winners. I didn't read that bit about them.
    I should read a bit more, 'cause I didn't realise that bit about Charlie either.
    Nice shot of the Willow Warbler with a beak full of goodies.

    1. Thanks Keith, it was nice of the lottery winners and the fact they brought every reporter who turned up to interview them a lottery ticket was also a nice touch I think.

  2. Well Douglas the good outweighs the bad today.

    The Royals can't change....They honestly believe that the country is theirs and that we are grateful for their time, effort and existence. If this isn't bad enough politicians are encouraged to think and act in the same way.

    1. Sadly the politicians are cut from the same "mould" so it's a sad fact they're much the same as the monarchy, in fact some politcians actually think they're "better" then the monarchy, class wise.

  3. Plenty of food for thought here, Doug. A most entertaining post!

    Sorry I've not dropped by lately - been up in Scotland and am now trying to catch up!

    1. Sorry for publishing this comment so late Richard something is going wrong with mt comment section and this only appeared "awaiting moderation" an hour ago for some odd reason.
      I was actually a bit worried as from your last post you didn't sound to well and also busy, glad the busy bit was a trip to Scotland I hope you had great time and look forward to reading all about it and I hope also that you're a bit better health wise....