Sunday, 30 June 2013


Wow what a day of highs and lows, so I'll keep it short and brief as I know the majority of the readers of this blog couldn't give two hoots about F1, for those who don't sorry,
HIGH POINTS: Not having to endure Suzy Perry was a bonus, as was a Merc lock out of the front row, the young man who swapped seats with me so I could sit with Scots from Friday, the Scots from Friday, great banter/laughs and exchanging of emails so we can do it all again when the BTCC comes to town, the speed of the cars coming down Hangar Straight TV really does slow the cars down (and flattens the track), whoever decided to place a four sided Get Well card for fans to sign for Murray Walker, I counted six of them around the circuit and saw loads of people signing them, the countless overtakes at the start of Stowe, the Buzzard that went at speed into the wooded area where Force India's factory is (Eddies old factory), the free water handed out and more freebies for Jim to have a chew and Webbers grandstand push for 1st that didn't quite happen....he'll be missed, the nunber of "non-Brits", except the Spanish (see Low Points), Skylark singing away in between track action in the rape fields behind the rally centre and the heat/weather and whoever had scribbled on the Pirelli P-Zero poster "no grip" after the word Zero, very amusing

LOW POINTS: Them friggin' Pirelli's if they don't do something about it someone, either a driver or marshall is going to be killed! Think about it a blow out like that at the top of Eau Rouge...ouch, not being able to hear Gary Anderson's expert opinion, the bigoted/narrow minded Spanish fans who booed Lewis and cheered as he came past with a blow out (though in our stand they were told to shut up by nearly everyone) and cheered when Vettel went out (was it audible on TV?), the Pimms sipping Posh Man next to me on Saturday who kept "tweeting", texting and stunk of cologne(luckily I got a seat swap), the heat/weather!, the endless chanting of "Eddie,Eddie", the hour and ten minute bus drive home in the heat an no A/C, everyone vanishing as soon as the F1 race had ended, the toilets (not enough and they stank) running out of beer before the race had ended, my race predictions (got one person almost right), Trevor aka the soothsayer race predictions being spookily accurate bar Seb's non-finish lol(see the comment section in the last post) any tips for the horses Trevor? The end of the race, it was that good oh and the "race atmosphere" creators a rip off idea from the real need to be fair
PERVY MOMENT: The women who were promoting a brand of suntan cream and rubbing it into blokes bodies whilst wearing a bikini that left little to the imagination, the queue was unsurprisingly long for that one! I needed some sun block on my back but the lady refused another spot that needed some lotion..heh heh
FUNNY MOMENT:  Two really, on the widescreen Sebs trip on his front wing...guess Red Bull drink really does give you wings (definitely wind!!!) Or the "unknown female girl band singer to me" who tried walking past a camera crew, ignored, she stops turns around and walks past again, ignored again, she turns to someone (manager I guess), he holds her back and just as the bloke with microphone turns around to walk, the man taps/pushes her and she walks by again....ignored again and the bloke starts to interview an "unknown" little kid, her face was priceless as she stropped off arms crossed, not sure who "RTL" are but well done that man, one you had to see to understand but was hilarious, Little Mick/Mic's or something according to someone near me at the time...none the wiser me. Even the band id wasn't 100% from the person, he thinks it was Little Mic......
 I did get a late visit in the evening on Saturday to the "REEDBED", more on that in my next post, that came thanks to a moment of ingenious thinking from the missus, that shall be purely birds...maybe and is where the above images came from.


  1. Glad you had a good weekend.
    It was a good race but something has to be done about the tyres. I bet Pirelli are saying the same.

    1. I hope they are saying the same though I have an uncomfortable feeling that perhaps little will change.

  2. Great to read your account of this weekend's F1 Doug. Sounds like you had a pretty good time, all told.

    Super shots of the juveniles. We've got nine young Blue Tits, and I don't know how many GS Woody juveniles (at least three, but they don't all come at once!) visiting the garden on a regular/frequent basis.

    1. Cheers Richrad, would so love juvenile GSW's, the odd thing was the jivenile Blue Tits were with juvenile Great Tit and one juvenile Chiff-Chaff, one big/mixed flock

  3. Glad you had a good day Douglas. I guess the exploding Pirelli's had the effect of making it a close and exciting race, BUT! it could have been a much, much worse outcome, a few people were very lucky today!
    Ms. Perry was BAAAD! lots of stumbling over her lines and long awkward silences, the whole BBC production, except for the commentary, seemed rather disjointed! Gary Anderson is the best thing of the whole show, he did a piece at the end showing us the turn 4 kerbs with about a one inch high sharp edge that he thought might be damaging the tyres!!
    I think Vettel's 'trip' at the end was a rather well disguised kick!
    Webber, a true racer, was the star of the show for me today, what a drive!!
    I bet Di Resta is kicking himself for having a dump straight after qualifying!! How would his race have been if he'd started in his qualifying slot?
    Sorry!, I gave up with the horses when my 'winners' kept losing all drive when in sight of the winning post!! ...[;o)

    1. Cheers Trevor, sadly I was hoping as I walked in the bunch of Scots I was with might have two Scottish winners in as many weekends (Mcnish&Le Mans)I was gutted to hear he had been pushed to the back of the grid, Mr.Mansell wasn't popular.
      I checked the curb thing on i-player, not convinced to be fair, may have contributed, but the drivers were cutting the corner like that last year and the tyres were fine,and the support races (ok different load levels etc on the tyres), they're going to have to cut certain corners at Monza so hopefully it's sorted before then, it was heavily rumoured that Pirelli and some teams were worried it was going to happen at the Canadian GP hence they were testing different tyres at Canada but the weather was cooler and damper then expected, the only teams who weren't worried was Lotus and Force India, perhaps the drivers were just showing support to us Northants drivers who keep getting blow-outs thanks to the potholes in this county:)
      Webber was brilliant and I believe most of Silverstone wanted him to win. Very good race this weekend.