Tuesday, 27 August 2013


Work commitments meant next to little play-time, yesterday whilst some were enjoying a glorious bank holiday, I was stuck pounding the M1, when I got home I checked various blogs and bird reports to see if anything interesting had been around, I saw with some interest that in the morning up at Welford some juvenile Black Terns had been photographed. I like Black Terns a lot especially in breeding/spring plumage, this time of the year though Black Terns can look a wee bit scruffy but I haven't got any juvenile Black Terns in my image database, so off I went. Sadly they weren't around in the afternoon/early pm, a couple a Yellow Wagtails, Linnet and a Pied Wagtail were about the best, of course the Kingfisher zipped through, the only other highlight was talking to another photographer by the name of Barbara, we had a nice chat and a Barn Owl location was disclosed to me......so off I went.
I checked out the area and it has "Barn Owl" screaming all over it, derelict barn, promising looking field, high hedgerow but most of all a gamekeeper who "nervously" asked what I was doing, so I explained. "There is but keep it quiet, please, don't want people walking up to the barn", fair enough I thought, "I don't see it much in the evening, mostly in the morning", I sat it out until about 8:30pm and no sign, I'll have to check this site out in the morning one day, the very kind gamekeeper gave me another location to check, result and we've exchanged phone numbers which is very handy.
Got home, nipped round Paul's house stole back my bird book from his daughter and gave her the cheap RSPB book she in turn gave me this......
The juvenile Jays are getting a right pounding from the female Sparrowhawk as are the magpies, the two juveniles have moved onto this wooded area of the park and can be heard calling away, scrapping between each other for food........
 Note the houses in the background, someone is getting great views if they know!! There is a lot of "feathers" scatters around,a crow!, wood pigeon and moorhen was the most notable, but I did find a pair of angel wings belonging to a female Blackbird.
 This was the original area the sparrowhawk set up it's nest where I discovered those nails up the tree with the nest at the top, what is curious is the nest the sparrowhawk had started on is now where the juveniles wait to be fed, so I was pondering whether this is some kind of natal site the sparrowhawk was building ready for when the juveniles fledged....answers on a postcard to.......I've tried to get photo's of what's going on but it's too dark in there so I'm going to go for some video footage, hopefully.
So over the last couple of days stuck in the truck I worked on some Pheasant images from the start of the breeding season in spring, just never got around to working on them...naughty!
 I have a thing about feet, well feet on birds of the avian sort, I think it's because I'm weird or maybe because when you're photographing birds you spend so much time making sure the birds eye is sharp and in focus and checking exposure etc that you really don't spend much time observing the feet.....who am I kidding I've got a foot fetish.......
Big old feet on pheasants, you wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of them....
Hopefully there is a video clip under this of Jim discovering Fox urine you might hear me saying sit to my other greyhound who was just about to pounce on silly Jim, if the video shows ok I then know I can try some video footage of the sparrowhawks to share...though I've got to check the manual as the date/time is way wrong as are the video settings...Nakon Coalpiece again!!!!
Got the next few days off, so now I go to ponder where to go, choices,choices....


  1. Pheasants can be comical birds. It's a great shot of the second male.
    I suspect your dog is dafter than mine.

    1. Occasionally Jim does the odd daft thing, but he's too clever, opens the fridge/frezzer, opens doors, opens draws I have to use those child proof items/locks, my favourite is when he comes out in the car with me he'll stand and looks out the windscreen at the road, if we approach at right hand bend he'll lean to the left to balance homself and vice-versa for left hand bends and on straight roads his head goes out the window, I believe this comes from his racing past.

  2. I have a thing about Pheasants, so I enjoyed those pictures. Especially that second one.

    1. Pheasants are one those birds some people just don't like them which I find odd, I think in the breeding season they can be both vicious (which can make great images) and show hilarious character