Thursday, 8 August 2013


Well the information from Tim at Rutland Water got back to me quicker then I expected, seeming how busy the reserve is with visitors, the preparation work for Birdfair and Osprey monitoring. Normally when reporting bird rings you can either get a slow response (one took 3 years once!) or no information at all, that's been my experience anyway. So to get a response so quick was brilliant...especially given how bad my information recording turned out, check previous post, it got slightly worse though lol.
The osprey is 01(09) a four year old male that fledged two chicks this year and the id ring colour is blue not green (I now know why people beep their horns at me at traffic lights now!!) and to give people some geograhical information Welford reservoir is 19 miles away from Rutland, all that came from Tim so thanks.
When you think about it that's a long way from the nest and pretty impressive, and this is the second time this year I've seen it at this location, I was wondering if it had caught a fish would it be for itself or would it scoff it and then regugeitate it back at the nest, it surely wouldn't try carrying it back whole in it's would be mobbed by every corvid and Buzzard on the way back. Sadly it squashes my theory that we might have had an osprey nesting in Northants...for now.


  1. It's good to see it making the effort to visit you.

    1. It's definately making an effort, it's what I like about "bird tag" reporting, There must be someone at Rutland wondering where 01(09) goes to, it has to be at least for an hour, so it builds up a picture for those that are nonitoring such birds movements.