Thursday, 8 August 2013


I could re-edit my previous post but either I'm stupid or honest but I got the id ring wrong.

What I thought was two 1's, well the first "1" is actually either wear and tear or if you look at the first image possibly some sort of sleeve to stop/prevent rubbing, either way it's not a digit and the number on the ring is a number 10 (ten).
MY EXCUSE i) I'm stupid ii) excitement, it's my favourite bird and in the rush of blood from seeing it I didn't go through every single image properly before publishing my images. The image above was ignored in the processing batch I did because as you can see it's face is "soft" so I skipped past it.....SILLY ME!!


  1. Not silly at all. I probably would have missed the ring.

  2. Cheers, it's a good habit to get into, if you get an image to check for id rings. A friend of mine once took an image of a Reed Bunting in Northants and from the photo and id ring we were able to find out that the bird was originally ringed on the nest in Dungeness, Kent.

  3. It's a brave man that would ring a White Tailed Eagle or an Osprey for that matter.