Friday, 13 September 2013


...NO IT WASN'T!! 
Grey skies and the odd heavy intermittent showers meant today wasn't really supposed to be a day to photograph birds, but with the motto of "no such thing as bad light" ringing in my head I refused to be defeated, nothing to special bird wise apart from a Kingsiher, Grey Wagtail and a Grey Heron but still some fun despite the weather.
This is my first offering, not fantastic light but was nice to come across a Grey Heron that didn't flee as soon as it saw me, I also like the fact it was perched on a footbridge....demanding a crossing toll too!
There's nothing wrong with it's foot it just kept preening itself.
My next Grey Heron is the same bird, same bridge but slightly different weather. As well as being partial to feet being on show in bird images, there's something about water droplets too, whether (sic) it be from rain or splashes from the antics of the bird etc, it can be very hypnotic...just like today's post. The above and below image was taken just a few minutes apart.
My next Heron offering is a bird in it's environment type shot, sadly the environment seems to be man made.....
Not sure why the fence was there, but seeing as it was blocking a public footpath and wasn't "protecting" anything or stopping someone falling into a hole, I did a bit of civic vandalism and removed it.
Next two images of a Grey Wagtail are the same bird, just slightly different in angle/light etc, there's always a couple here during the winter so hopefully better images to come, these were just a little too far away.

Hopefully this horrible wet weather will enable me to catch up with some more interesting birds...fingers crossed.


  1. The Heron was very obliging. Young ones seem to be less wary than the old ones.
    It is a dramatic image.

    1. Cheers Adrian I was pondering if it was the weather that made it less nervy as it didn't want to fly away in the horrible weather, either way it was a nice close encounter.

  2. I don't mind the rain to much, it really makes me feel like part of the outdoors and I love the fresh smell of the rain. Great heron pictures and I am glad you moved the fench. From Findlay

    1. Thanks Findlay,I have to admit too liking the rain, sometimes. I know I grumble from time to time about it but I think it can add to images and the experience of the day.
      As for the fence it irritated me it had no purpose being there, no livestock in the field (ever), not preventing anyone from getting into harm (falling/tripping etc) all I could see it was blocking a footpath,so I unbolted it and took it down, took the bolts with me so hopefully it won't get put back up.

  3. You made the most of the weather then Douglas?...and you've captured a fantastic set of images.
    I really like the 'Heron in the rain' shot. But the 'environment' shot, for some reason, really works for me!... and I don't quite know why! I've been looking at it over and over and I can't work out why it appeals to me so much? Maybe it's because it shows how wildlife has to cope with it's natural and not so natural surroundings!...I don't know!'s got me confused? It's a great shot..whatever!!
    And the Grey Wags are not bad either!!...[;o)

    1. Thanks Trevor,
      I know what you mean about that Greyheron shot, originally I was aiming at getting a record shot of the fence, in case someone came and had a go at me for removing it as I took the images the heron which I hadn't spotted popped it's head up when I got home I kept looking at the image and was thinking along the same line as yourself, funny how photography works ometimes like that as looking at the image in the field it didn't appeal, weird world.