Friday, 6 December 2013


Yesterday was an absolute nightmare to drive a truck. It was my first windy day delivering petrol/diesel. It should have been an easy run out to Peterborough but sadly to get there I had to go along the A605 and one stretch always sends shivers down your spine, the BIG hill near Elton, great on a nice day it likes being on a roller coaster, slow long climb to the top the wee as you drop down the hill but on a windy day like yesterday, you check to make sure your affairs are in order.
Yes on one section of the A47 as I headed toward Thorney the trailer went very light but a simple easing of the throttle, quick twitch of the wheel and a bleedin loud expletive had the trailer feel "heavy" again....scary stuff and the nod and wink from a overtaking Police BMW X3 I knew I had a close call, it got worse as my load got lighter. The worse problem came from trees on one newly built section of road the young ash trees need not worry about Ash Diebach, they'll need replanting, the ones that stayed upright were falling over as I drove past, one whacking the windscreen causing a big crack...nice. Branches were also falling down like it was raining, it really was nightmare and I was glad to get back to the yard in one piece....shame the lorry didn't but I got off lightly.
 So today was my first day off and despite the lousy weather and the remains of a brief cold I went in search of the Long Tail Ducks, sadly no sign. However there were loads of Fieldfare and Redwing, really good numbers around Mary's Lake, good numbers of Linnets and amongst one flock of Goldfinches I spotted one Brambling
 I enjoyed the walk around the lakes and watched three Redkites drifting over the A509, there is a chicken farm along that road so hopefully the Kites won't come into conflict with owner, they are free range chucks
 I thought I would carry on with my flock shot obsession, still haven't got one I'm happy with, yet but did get an impressive display of Woodpigeons...YEAH boring old woodies but not when there are so many, look at the full un-cropped frame below, go on try and count them.
There were plenty more then what is in that frame above I'd hazzard a guess at circa 1500 woodpigeons in total.
I had the greyhound with me so didn't linger on the actual reserve for to long and only went to the screen hide were just visible on Hawthorne Island was a Great White Egret, so despite no Long Tail Ducks there was plenty to tempt me up there, weather permitting, at the weekend.


  1. I'm glad you survived. It is not any fun at all driving anything in high winds. It must be terrifying driving an incendiary bomb.
    Great shots as always but the light on the Fieldfare is very impressive.

    1. Thanks Adrian, it can be very scary at times

  2. Must have been brown pant time driving in that wind Doug.
    Love the first Fieldfare shot. Very nice.

    I attempted a visit to Summer Leys a couple of weeks ago, but the road was closed; so I went to Harold Odell instead.

    1. It wasn't pleasant.
      The road to Summer Leys from the A509 (Wollaston) is open despite the signs you just can't go further then past the carpark as it's the bridges that are being repaired...ignore the signs.