Saturday, 21 December 2013


Well for my last post before Xmas I thought it would be fitting to do an "Odds and Sods" Xmas present to my fellow bloggers lol.
So some Redwings to start the ball rolling, I think this should be the bird on the front of the Xmas cards.

 Not really happy with this last one...can you spot why?
A couple of Pochards...

A Cormorant....

 A pair of Long Tailed Ducks, all three remain on Mary's Lake at Summer Leys and do come in quite close if you're prepared to sit on the bank and wait so if you want to photograph or even see a Long Tailed Duck be quack lol, I got to hear the call yesterday, very odd call.
 And an Odds and Sods wouldn't be complete without a Marmite shot. The reedbed in a setting sun.
Looking into the direction of the sun I opted to go the wrong way deliberately on the exposure, I wanted to blow the highlights of the sun on the tops of the reed Xmas lights/decorations if you like.
Thanks to all those have visited and a special thanks to all those who have left comments during the course of the year, I wish you all a Merry Xmas and a bird stuffed New Year.


  1. Cracking set of 'presents' Douglas, thank you! I think the Redwing is one of my favourite birds, such beautiful markings.
    All the best for a wonderful Christmas and a 'quacking' New Year...(you started it![;o)

    1. Thanks Trevor, I have to agree the Redwing is a lovely bird and seriously under-rated.
      have a great xmas and new year

  2. An excellent selection Doug.
    The Redwings are all good, but if the last one has something wrong, in your opinion, I can only think one thing. And that would be a very picky comment, and possibly why I wouldn't keep it if it was mine; but no sign of the eye?
    I love the reedbed shot.

  3. Thanks Douglas, a great set for Christmas. I really must do more birding this next twelve months.

  4. Brilliant set of images, Doug. I don't like Marmite, but I do like that last image - a lot! However, the Redwing images are the ones that I'm most impressed by. I can never get close enough, even with the ones that come to our garden (always, it seems, when there's no light).

    Have a really great Christmas, Doug, and make the most of that time off. All the best for 2014, and may all your flights of fantasy result in fantastic flight shots! - - not sure I should have tried to keep the ball rolling with that last cringeworthy sentence!

    All the best - Richard

  5. Your Redwing pictures are just amazing. I hope you get to see and photograph loads of birds over Christmas and in 2014. I can't wait to see them.

  6. Don't know if you're away, Doug? I did leave a comment round about the 21st, but it hasn't appeared yet.

    I can't remember what I said then, but I just want to say that I'm extremely impressed by the Redwing images. I've had Redwing in my garden on a regular basis for a couple of weeks until recently (all the berries now gone), but not managed a decent image yet.

    I don't like Marmite, but I do like your reedbed shot - a lot!

    Hioping you've had a great Christmas, and wishing you all the best for 2014.


  7. I must have had a feed problem. A beautiful Red wing. A bit late now but have a great holiday.