Saturday, 7 December 2013


Well I said if the weather was good I'd be paying Summer Leys another visit again, more precise Mary's Lake and a few other spots behind Mary's Lake. Sod's law the day I have blue skies is the day the Red Kites decide not to come close staying on the "other side" of A509, pity too as there were four and a Buzzard was a bonus too, a female Kestrel also present, sadly even though they've been reported I missed out on the Long Tail Ducks, I have a strong feeling they were there too as when I was leaving the site on the far bank I could see one fellow bird photographer trained on something, I couldn't see what thanks to the island in the way....but I got a bonus bird anyway.

 Though I think the bird in the last frame gives an honest opinion of these shots, but I haven't posted any record shots for a while so I thought I'd spoil myself.......
It was flushed off the big lake behind Mary's Lake by a grumpy old Grey Heron who first saw off a younger Grey Heron and then to my surprise this beauty, so that must be four in the county now and hopefully if previous winters are anything to go by they'll hang around....and yes it did pooh on the chasing Grey Heron, a fine tactic to remember in the future.
I had been trying for some Goldeneye flight shots but they refused to fly.
There were still thousands of Woodpigeons up the back of Mary's too and also a lot of Blackbirds, every other bird was a Blackbird.

 I couldn't relocate the Brambling from the previous day, but there were small flocks of Goldfinches and Linnets, plenty of individual Wrens at different locations, Bullfinches too and one Greywagtail.
I then walked up the railway line towards Wellingborough prison, good call as there was loads of Redwing, Fieldfare, Starlings and yes more Blackbirds but oddly mostly female.
Here's the view of the railway line from the perspective of a 500mm prime lens, hardly ideal for landscapes and you might be able to tell from the images the biggest problem was approaching the birds.
Along the railway line there was a few gaps in the hedgerows looking into an enclosed field and again more Starlings,Fieldfares and a few Redwings, so I stopped and tried a few flock shots.

 After standing still for long enough I managed a few close'ish shots but buggered up the flight shots, hopefully I'll get another chance, for some odd reason I really want some flight shots of Redwing, Fieldfare and Goldeneye anything else at this moment will be a bonus....perhaps some better luck with the Long Tail Ducks, I don't need a bogey bird for the winter.


  1. Sorry for the late comments Douglas, it's the time of year when visiting family and doing the Christmas thing seem to get in the way of the more important stuff in life!!

    I'm glad you negotiated your way safely through the storm, it must have been an exciting drive?

    Super shot of the Fieldfare in flight. It's a shame that the LTDs are still being elusive, I'm sure you'll 'get' them in the end!

    Cracking shots of the GWE, I guess the Heron wasn't having a good day?! The images of the feeding Blackbird are fantastic as is the one of the resting Fieldfare.

    So, LTDs and Goldeneye to look forward to soon then?...[;o)

    1. No need for an apology Trevor, it's that time of year etc.
      The wind wasn't nice but I'm all the better for the experience and as for the LTD's guess what I did today?