Friday, 3 January 2014


I have to extend a massive apology to all my blog readers, I have had the mother of all nightmares. I posted my last post of 2013, logged off, backed all my images and then decided to organise my desktop, when my computer froze after a few minutes of panic a black screen appered with a helpline number of the manufacturer of my laptop with a fault code, my hard drive died. Now apparently I was meant to send the computer and wait for a replacement, I wasn't happy at that and told the lovely lady what I thought of the idea....the lady was actually in agreement and organised a "credit" note with a well known High Street electrical store/supermarket, I got my replacement on the 28th of December, struggled to find all the product "Key codes" for the reinstalltion of various computer programmes...the worse bit was remembering my security password to log on the net...idiot.
Add to that various relatives were having a real xmas nightmare with no power, so guess who decided to host relatives over the xmas period, that's right, me the original xmas scrooge, 16 relatives in a two bedroom house, it was really was! Four turkeys in the oven at various stages and Xmas kind of saved, I even took out my nephew for a spot of birding, he loved this kestrel we pulled over for.

 Now I've posted the below frame as a tighter crop of the above frame because whilst taking the images I could spot something wrong with it's bill, the top bill was "fleshy" and looks like it was missing the "shell" part of the bill...I was further worried about the kestrel as I then failed to locate the bird for a week or so, until my drive home from Summer Leys today where I spotted her in her favourite roadside perch, she looked fatter then when I took these images and flew away as soon as I pulled up...which is her normal behaviour, when I took these images she looked knackered and didn't even move, Jason (nephew) even got out of the car and the bird didn't move an inch..
Jason wasn't to impress with the next species but oddly like Treecreepers, as they look like mice!,weirdo. Sadly no Treecreepers so some Bullfinches, showing why you shouldn't strip a blackberry bush bare....BULLFINCHES CAN'T NIP DOWN TO WAITROSE

Relatives safely back home and all but one with power back on it was time for a spot birding...when the weather permitted it , even the cormorants were looking for somewhere dry.....
Summer Leys is great at the moment water levels are really high, the water lapping at the front of the screen hide or like yesterday whilst sat at the feeding station I watched a Gadwall swimming under the bird feeding tables, I had to chuckle at that but as a result all the wildfowl is closer, I've spotted the Kingfisher many time checking out new but temporary perches, even had it at the side of the Rotary Hide, sadly no decent images of that yet but I managed a couple of feet shots to satisfy my foot fetish....

 I've also been trying for the Linnet shots, now some old hacks might think the Linnet is chinless and drab but in big numbers they're impressive, add a lot of Greenfinches and Chaffinches and it's a worthy spectacle in my opinion...maybe I'm boring.

Definately still room for improvement but also an improvement on my last flock shot.
So really sorry for the late publishing of comments etc, my broadband is a bit slow today (first day up and running) so I'll be playing catch up over the next few days with various blogs once it speeds up, I've missed out on, it was nice to see some of you guys had noticed comments hadn't been published and seemed concern, thanks for the concern and I'm sorry it was out of my hands, I don't own a smartphone, I hate them and had no way of checking back to my blog. I hope you're all ok and had have and a good xmas and the weather has been good to you all.


  1. The last is a world beater.

    I guess it was more than friendly.

    Computers like families always seem to pick Christmas to give grief.

  2. Cheers Adrian, you're right about computers and xmas.

  3. Flippin marvellous collection of images, Doug! I hope that beautiful Kestrel is OK - is she a youngster?.

    All the flight images are superb, but I love the two 'feet' shots and the last image most.

    I hope that all your computer problems are resolved and you've managed to get out to do a bit when the weather has allowed - which hasn't been too often!!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. oops hit the delete button by mistake...I got out quite a bit despite the lousy weather. The kestrel is only a year old it came from a brood of three consisting of two males and one female, she has a unique white small patch just below her left eye which makes identification quite easy. I've seen her again yesterday and hunting today so she appears to be fine.
      Linnets rock :o)