Sunday, 16 February 2014


Well I have had no time at all for much proper birding, the only birding I've done has been over at my local park, where the fields are so wet that it's been a bit of Thrush heaven. In the wood section Song Thrush are in full voice Mistle thrush (6) and Blackbirds all busy worming on the sodden ground, I've heard and watched Great Spotted Woodpeckers drumming away....I'm still looking after my sisters dog whilst she is in Jersey, though she had a long stop-over at Guernsey thanks to the gale force winds (for any cruise operators that's what you do when sailing in rough seas and gale force winds and not carry on regardless).
 On Saturday I went around to my friends Nigel's house, he came back from photographing (trying to) and filming some of the testing of F1 cars at Jerez I say try as he got a lot of hassle for trying, even though he was invited!, he'd sorted out some of the images for a particular motorsport magazine and was playing some of the video footage..."what the f**k is that sound" I asked, "sounds a bit rough". "That's the lovely new 1.6 litre turbocharged engines" replied Nigel. Oh they sound shit the new F1 cars, how can I describe the sound, imagine one those sit on lawn mower engines chewing through a bag of screws and you're almost there, but it gets worse, according to my mate Nigel they're noticeably slower,at rougly 8 seconds a lap slower with help from rubbish tyres (again!!!) though also according to my mate Nigel anything with a Renault engine is going to struggle, this along with Bernie Ecclestones "double point" scheme for the last race AND the fact the last race is being held on one of the most dire circuits on the F1 (Abu Dhzzzzz) circuit and the fact the F1 cars this season have been drawn by a two year old adds up to what could be the worse F1 season EVER! Time will tell I guess.
So I've been mostly walking my sister's dog Boo in exchange for Duty Free ciggy's....yey!
Here he is after ripping one of those plastic things that protect young saplings from deer which made wonder how effective they are!
 Either a spot of conservation work or reminding where/what I should be doing? You decide....
 And lastly after playing with a water bottle he then carried and chewed to bits this hefty log, he really doesn't like branches.
Strong old teeth.
Hopefully the weather will have improved when my next days off roll around, I really miss not being able to go out birding with my camera.


  1. That looks like a job for the hosepipe.

    I hope it is a good year for F1 but have my doubts. No MotoGP this year either. The BBC is going down the pan. I'll just have to learn to love Crown Green Bowling.

  2. Not likely Adrian, there's a hosepipe ban :o)
    It's not looking good for F1 it's time for the teams and drivers to stand up and say enough is enough the whole point of F1 is that it's supposed to be the pinnacle of motorsport yet I'm struggling to see how when even F3 cars are running faster, still if you can't get on with Bowls there is always "Horse of the Year" and showjumping :o(

  3. Have you thought of volunteering Boo as a litter picker, it looks like he'd do a super job?

    Hopefully the weather will pick up soon Douglas and you'll be able to get out and at 'em.

    I think, for the time being, I'm going to reserve judgement on the F1 situation. It's early days yet, on what is a complete new package, and I'm sure that the times, and reliability, will be vastly improved by the time that the first race comes around.
    I think one exciting aspect to look out for is seeing how the drivers handle all the extra torque they have, lots of sideways moments to begin with, I guess?
    There are two things that need to go as soon as possible though, the stupid double points idea and the regulation that's dictating the design of those damn ugly noses!
    On the theme of things going...I think Bernie will be gone by the end of the year and I predict that Montezemolo and Ferrari will soon be running the show!!!...FOCA is already in it's death throws and that will leave the door open for them to step right in!
    So, do I need to buy a flat cap to wear when I'm watching the bowls ont' telly?...[;o)

    1. Volunteer? Have you seen the price of that lovely 200-400mm :o)
      It is early days/first test but given after the first test last year the Red Bulls were just shy of the lap record yet this year they failed to do any significant laps, the Mercede's (and fez's) were the quickest but 8 seconds of the lap record doesn't look good. Fernado has already said they're easier to drive with less g force and strains in the corner, the lack of grip from tyres and aero package has had the drivers going sideways though but I fear for the first part of the season with enigne failures, they also sound awful, really,really awful you won't like the sound Trevor it'll make you cry...maybe.
      The double points have to be dropped and the noses they're supposed to be safer! But I reckon a driver going into the back of another driver may be a tragedy waiting to happen, time will tell.
      Yes a flat cap and white's for bowls.

  4. I am not going to comment on the F1, fell out of love with it a decade ago after going to the Indie 500, pure excitement from start to finish, great to witness even though I didn't know what was going on?? We are all soaked out here in Leicestershire too Doug (no surprise there though!) not great for birding at the moment. I see you mentioned the duty free fags, I guess like me the packing up was a bit tough? Love ya sisters dog, those blue eyes are real cool!! I have just acquired a new K9 companion, just in time for when I take the landie out, a 4 year old lab called patch.

  5. I think F1 can learn a lot from our American friends when it comes to fans/team interaction etc.
    Sadly my firm didn't like those e-cigarettes which made it pretty hard to give up once I've gone through the duty free's I'm planning to try again (and again and again).
    His eyes are cool though according to "breed standards" they're supposed to be almond shaped like my Aussie Bailey. I don't think you can beat a Lab' for companion, great dog and obedient, watch your slippers though :o)