Saturday, 15 March 2014

F1 predictions

I think the above image sums up how I feel about F1 at the moment, not very interesting, not very exciting and not quite focused once you've guessed the Latin/scientific name of said species you'll get the subtle hint of how I feel too.
The moment the pole sitter uses words such as "coasting/lifting/not pushing" for what is about to happen in the actual race, you really do have to worry, also anyone note that the commentators have to whisper to hear the engines, 1.6 litre V6 bin them and bin them now.
So my prediction are as follow
1st Nico Roseberg
2nd Lewis Hamilton
3rd Magnuson (if that's spelt right)
Look out for Seb spinning in the race too
With Caterham replacing 1 of there 5 engines after PRACTISE 2 will they even finish the season, I don't think so.
I know Bernie is getting old, bless him, but did he have to slow down the cars down so much just so he can still see them race (potter) past?
Oh and if you were looking for the tribute to Senna on the Williams car it's on the left section of the nose cone and is a verbal tribute in Portuguese "Senna Forever".


  1. At least there isn't any twigs in front to obscure the tur...thrush Douglas!
    Does the F in F1 stand for FARTS 'cause that's what they sound like, I saw a headline somewhere that the FIA have already said they want to do something about how the cars sound for next year!
    I couldn't believe my ears when Hamilton mentioned that they would have to coast and lift off during the race, that'll be interesting, how about a flashing orange light on the roll hoop to tell us when the cars are not in racing mode?
    I don't think Bernie is solely to blame for the rule changes I think most of it was down to the 'green' FIA.
    Prediction:- Ricciardo (did you see how smoothly he was driving?)
    Hamilton and Alonso. And I think you are right Vettel will throw it into the wall!...[;o)

    1. Very true, you can almost see where the tree had a trim:o)
      I cannot get used to the sund and it looks like the beeb might loose a lot of it's presenters too, I like Mcnish but where was Gary, he hasn't jumoed to Sky has he? The only thing the FIA can do about the sound is to go back to V8's, it's not green just because they use less fuel: cost of the tyres (put a limit on the number of tyres used) tarnsporting all the equipment and cars, Bernie wants to have a street race in Ajerbhanstan (definately spelt wrong) in Baku!!!! Seriously that corrupt shithole? not Bernie.
      Did you hear about Lotus braking the curfew rule? According to Radio 5 this morning the curfew rule was Health and Safety as they didn't want tired mechanics, what next no driving fast due to Health and Safety,oops that'll be tommorow.
      Exactly what I was thinking of Vettel and the wall, pushing to hard, I was going to plump for Daniel then I thought breakdown.

    2. Well Douglas...what did you think of that?? Well done with the prediction though..1st. and 2nd. (maybe?) you read it well.
      Not sure about the 'show' yet, I need a few more races(?) and a decent track before I decide if I'll keep watching.
      Watching the GP's on the telly was once the number one priority on race weekends, not any more I'm thinking?...times change I guess?
      And they've already started arguing amongst themselves (that's something that didn't change, I guess?) It's a shame that Ricciardo got disqualified, especially has he had no control over what happened, (just give the team a huge fine and dock their points!) he had a great did all the 'new boys'.
      I read this morning (ESPN F1) that the Aussie organisers are threatening to sue for breach of contract as the race wasn't sexy or loud enough???
      They'll probably get a whole new audience with the boy racers as the cars sound just like their souped up Corsers!!...[;o)

    3. It was an odd feeling listening to the race and watching it, I still felt cold and a little less interested but I had to think the Australian GP always done that to me, what I didn't like was the middle section of the race and how it was very similar to that of an F1 race when it was dominated by Schumacher, very little overtaking and a slow pace just to end the race..
      I feel the FIA had no choice but to disqualify the the driver, if the team got points docked and fined then sadly the driver too will get chucked out, I think a better punishment would have been a grid place penalty for the next race.
      I've been keeping an eye on Magnusson he'll put JB in the shade this season but Botas had to get driver of the weekend for me, like yourself I'm waiting for some "proper" circuits before I decide what I'll be doing during race weekends, I couldn't think what those engines reminded me of but you're right it's the boy racers and their oversized exhausts lol

  2. Well Doug, I pretty much gave up on F1 last year, and now I think that you've convinced me that I'll not be regaining an interest this year. Will probably look at the highlights(?) tomorrow (don't have Sky), just to confirm that I've got better things to do with my time in future - like, in spite of its scientific name, photograph Mistle Thrushes.

    1. Thanks Richard, I'm too thinking the same thing I think I'm as close as three races and the deciding, wildlife is definately much more fascinating then F1 and hurts me to say that, they were both on an even par:o(

  3. I wasn't impressed with qualifying. Where is Eddie?
    I'll give it a few months.

    1. No it left me cold but the race was a little better, I shall wait and see what happens when they race on proper circuits and not street races, I think Eddie was kidnapped by BBV8L (bring back V8 League) and is being forced to listen to V6's

  4. Love your Header,amazing shot.

    1. Thanks John, was actually thinking about changing's been there a while.