Thursday, 13 March 2014


I've been waiting for this weekend more then my first Little Ringed Plover or Reed Warbler, the whole joke (my early prediction) of the F1 season is upon us.
Normally by now I'm wearing away the carpet in excitement, reading and re-reading my latest copy of AUTOSPORT drooling with anticipation so much my neighbour begin to worry I might have rabbies...but this year the rumours and facts leaking out have left me fearing F1 has tried to take one huge leap forward and is about to fall flat on it's face, let me explain.
There has been good noises coming from the Mercedes garage, the reported pace of their cars so far has been the most consistent. I like the fact today in the paper Nico is talking how the very fact Lewis and himself could be challenging each other for the title and may have an impact on their long time friendship...that is positive, sadly as with all 2014 V6 engines it still sounds limp wristed and frankly shit, my neighbours VW Beetle sounds better!
Mclaren with Big Ron in charge sounds like they could be competive however the the new Aussie at Red Bull he reckons they'll be pleased with a 9th or 10th on Sunday! though to counter balance that Seb reckons he could challenge for the title, hmmm not sure about that.
Meanwhile the Ferrari team reckon they'll struggle to finnish the race (!!!) thanks to the reducded fuel tanks, but then again the words Ferrari and fuel effiecnt never have been used in a sentence before. Also most teams have really struggled the only interesting team and dark horse is the Williams also one small positive another female driver is joining the a testing role but that now makes two woman.
 But sadly in toady's Daily Mirror, Robert Dara who works for Magneti Marrelli and supplies electrics to F1 was quoted as saying "I wouldn't be surprised if ANY of the cars finnish on Sunday" that's either breaking down or running out of fuel, so F1 could resemble the 1970's again for reliability, however being an Italian firm I'll take it with a pinch of salt but the brief interview he (Robert) is in favour of all the new callenges, but feels given the radical changes to fuel load, hybrid engines, size of car, engine size etc the teams should have been for one season only have been given a bit more testing sessions during the winter...a valid point I think.
I hope some cars do finnish the race on Sunday and I hope at least one of them will be silver! Though I'm secretly excited by the Williams though have some doubts about the driver.
Once I've seen some test times I'll make my regular predictions but IF no cars finnish on Sunday I'll predict one badly damaged TV!


  1. It's not looking good.
    Is it on BBC?

    1. No sadly it's not on the BBC just highlights, Sky subscribers won't be happy if all the cars don't finish but like the Sky adverts says "Not all TV is equal"

  2. Well Douglas, I think it's going to be interesting to say the least! What will the highlights be?....blown engines, bodywork bonfires, drivers pushing their cars for the last one and a half laps (is there a rule about that?) or maybe all the cars completing the last few laps at walking pace. And if it all gets to much to bear we can still cheer ourselves up by listening, on a continuous loop of course, to the sound of those engines! And pole is now decided on Q2 times, what's that all about?
    And you should know by now that 'Italian' and 'electrics' should never be mentioned in the same sentence!!
    It will be interesting to see how Vettel's attitude and enthusiasm holds up if the Red Bull turns out as bad as everyone is making it out to be?

    Regardless of how the circus performs on the day I've got an early prediction...Watch out for Massa in the Williams they'll both surprise!!!...[;o)

    1. In the current rules (20.1) a driver must drive his car un-assisted (or something like that my memory isn't what it was) so it's open to interpretation like all good F1 rules:o) Though Mansell did do it before fainting in the CART series and before my time Brahbam did it too.
      I'm sorry not even I'm going to explain the pole/Q2 time rule change perhaps Eddie will make sense of it or perhaps Bernie realised all the cars might break down before Q1 had finished, I did forgot Italian/Electrics rule I did hear that if you say Italian cars electrics are reliable somewhere in the world an Alfa breaks down:o)
      I love the sound of V12's/V10's and V8's to much to like V6's, who knows I might be converted by the end of the season...doubt it though :o(
      I hope given the picture of Senna on the side of the Williams car (a tribute to the anniversary of his death) both Massa and Williams have a great season.