Sunday, 6 April 2014


Sadly the weather didn't get the message that I wished to get out with my camera with it looking quite grey and gloomy outside so no piccy's far.
So to the race predictions, Bottas is going to take some drivers out in the first corner, some Renault engines will go kaput and Mercedes will dominate as long as they stay away fom Cottas at the first corner!
1st Lewis Hamilton
2nd Nico Roseberg
3rd Jenson Button or maybe Perez.


  1. I'll go along with that though would not be surprised to see both Lewis and Nico blot their copybooks. I won't get it till the BBC are ready so don't tell us who won.
    I hope no news of your exam is good news. Every year i used to have to take exams. The MSA then started calling them Invalidations or summat. Very stressful. Specially if you need the money. Pity politicians and bankers don't have to take radar, radio, paramedic courses and pass.

    1. I won't ruin the race result, sadly I will not know about my exam results for about six weeks, I'll let you know as soon as I get them and what it was too, not to be mysterious or silly but I'm stupidly superstious.
      I saw a programme on Channel 4 all about physco's and they reckon through phyco-analysis that an abnormal amount of people showing physcotic behaviour worked as a banker, stock trader or working in finance, scary thought!

  2. I don't think there's much chance of the weather playing ball over the next couple of days Douglas? I've taken the opportunity to sort out some of my picture backlog, no doubt the trash can will end up full to bursting!

    Hmmm!...F1? I think it's going to be a boring race with the Mercs way out in front (unless they take each other out at the first long will it be before Hamilton and Rosberg have a falling out and start bitching at each other?...It'll be fun to see!) I was so bored watching the qualifying yesterday that I turned it off half way thro'. I see Bernie's not happy (he must be losing a few quid with the fans and promoters not being happy?) he now wants to tweak the rules!! I did notice that they seem to have turned up the engine sound on the T.V., doesn't make them sound any better tho'!

    My prediction.....Perm any two Mercs for 1st. and 2nd. and Raikkonen will hold everyone else up to take 3rd. Ricciardo seems to be on top form, I reckon he'll wrestle his way up to 4th....[;o)

    1. It's going to be a funny season in many ways this year, I reckon Nico will start "it", Lewis will end it and it should all kick off in about four races, the last race with double points on offer should be interesting will Nico suddenly think he's Schuey and mistakes Lewis for Damian Hill?
      The moaning is interesting though Ferrari want either shorter races or more fuel, the Red Bulls want rid of the fuel sensor and Renault are probably wanting a miracle BUT Jean Todt has says the best he reckons a rule change for the sound of the exhaust (they tune exhausts all the time on modern road cars to get a perfect sound) however NO changes to the rules as they are in regards to engines he more or less told them to stop whingeing as no-one did when they were winning in 2012 read his quote on the BBC's red button service it'll make you laugh.

    2. It won't work without Ross Braun there to thump them. They will take each other out. They are both racers.