Sunday, 11 May 2014


Boy I've been having a real nightmare first with my router and what passes as modern customer service...."We sent you an email on how to solve the problem". "Great any idea how I look at the email with no net ?" Then the ISP provider as I cancelled the contract they rather stupidly tried to tell me I'd breached the contract,  well sorry you're not dealing with a numpty here and I reminded them that failing to provide me with a service for five consecutive working days they're in breach of the contract thus being the first to breach the contract and what I did after the breach was irrevelant I was within my rights to cancel and if they wish I'd be happy to see them in court and at the same time I would petition for costs. Like the cost of going to a new ISP and having to purchase a new phone that had net coverage...three days later I got a letter apologising late..If I had breached the contract I would be expected to pay the remainder of the contract,  so I asked, more in hope, for a refund of the remaining balance of the contract. ...I am not holding my breath on that one.
Hopefully the engineer for the new provider will be out on Monday.
I tried to browse some sites on the phone but typing on the touchscreen keyboard is a bit tricky for a technophobe like me so hopefully I will catch up on Tuesday.
Saying that this phone is pretty good the camera on it is pretty cool the Auto Focus as advertised is quick and I am talking quicker then my 1d, seriously! I will give the camera a real test at a later date.
So my predictions for the GP as long as Nico doesn't loose the plot and take Lewis out will be
1ST NICO....He looked quicker then Lewis
3RD I'm torn between Ricciardo or Bottas (predictive text had fun with those surnames 😄 )


  1. Good luck.
    I am going for Lewis, Nico, Alonso.

    1. Two out of three wasn't too bad I wasn't convinced Lewis had the race pace

  2. Replies
    1. Samsung Galaxy S5 it'should quite a nice bit of technology.

  3. Not sure if this means you're still not receiving e-mails Doug, but all the best for your new service provider if you do get this message. I've been with BT for many years now (even used them for my business when I had it) and they've been pretty good (although not flawless).

    Looking forward to a post with some bird images from you in the not too distant future??

    1. Yeah I'm getting emails okay now
      I'm actually switching to BT as it happens they can't be worse then my last provider.
      There is a post coming soon more bird related

  4. It's good news that you'll be re-connected to 'civilisation' soon Douglas. We all rely on being 'connected' so much now that it's a pain in the arse when it all goes wrong.

    F1....You almost got it right!! I think we should forget about predicting 1st. and 2nd. for the rest of the season and go for the next three places instead!!
    I thought today's race was a little bit boring race wise, although I did enjoy the tactical side of it....F1 is not just a sprint race anymore. I think I might have to review my thoughts on the new regs?

    Quite a few drivers succeeded in getting a psychological advantage over their team mates today?

    Looking forward to seeing some cracking bird images from that new!...[;o)

  5. Yeah I think 1st and 2nd are a cert' for now. Not convinced on the fuel regulations still, it's making the middle stint of the race very slow and boring.
    I think Lewis messed up saying his team mate was phsycology stronger etc, it going to spill over very soon.