Saturday, 21 June 2014


I have been dreading this one.  I hate the A1 Ring or whatever it's been named this year. I have been to this circuit for an F1 race and it was when Ferrari dominated and Mr . Schumacher and Co tried to make a dire race more interesting, I remember the booing I also remember fans chucking beer and soft drink cans at the Ferraris' trucks though that was never reported in the press. I also remember how four grown men almost came to blows trying to find the blasted circuit it is not as easy as you'd think!
So my predictions, well I spotted something with the Mercs' it started in Australia remember how at that race they had to do two formation laps and then Lewis retired,  fast forward to Canada a couple of safety cars the Mercedes had problems. So  it seems if the Merc's if they get to hot or cold then hot then back to cold then they develop issues. I predict some of the less talented drivers will end up off the track causing a safety car. Which in turn will end up with Mercedes having issues. I think we will see the Silver Arrows implementing team orders this weekend after all the two driver's pushing each other so hard didn't help in Canada,  the maths are simple with Nico&Lewis ending in one/two it would take Lewis at least five races to draw level with Nico so it might just come down to the final race and double points, it'll be all about winning the constructor title for now.
So my race results will be as follow
1st Nico
2nd Bottas
3rd Alonso


  1. I am hoping that Williams can do it.
    I too fancy Alonso for third.
    Red Bull would like a podium at the Bull Ring. I only tasted Red Bull once. Horrid stuff it is.

    1. The tight/narrow track will suit those with less power so it would be good to see a change at the top
      Try Red Bull with vodka much nicer and no hangover

  2. Well done the 'Willis' ! I don't think they've got the pace for the race tho'.
    I think you're right about the seems they have an overheating problem with the ERS...i.e. prolonged slow running behind the safety car and when running flat out, like trying to beat each other in Canada....and when it fails it overworks the small rear brakes and....! ....supposedly they've added more cooling for this race!
    I think we're in for lots of safety car running today so it should be interesting to see how they go?

    Prediction:- after carnage on the first lap!
    1st. Alonso...he needs a smile putting on that miserable face!
    2nd. Ricciardo
    3rd. Rosberg
    (I don't think it will happen but, it would be good to see Massa lead from start to finish, he deserves a good result)

    1. On the A1 ring the Mercs have to much power and can't exploit it. The TV flattens and widens the track in reality it is narrow and really steep so I am not expecting much overtaking so Massa might get first but people have forgotten how quick Alonso is of the start