Thursday, 24 July 2014

23rd July 2014-Moulton Quarry...again

I think it is safe to assume unless I state otherwise I shall be blogging about this site for the time being, call me boring, most do but there is so much I am yet to photograph and document yet on the site, the Little Owls, the Hobby and not to mention the butterflies and other insects.
The farmer was still harvesting his crops and was in the field adjacent/closest to the quarry. This meant the Buzzard was hanging around a lot sadly I didn't see the Kestrel the two didn't seem to like each other with the Kestrel being chased away, however the Buzzard was doing a great impression of a kestrel hovering "kestrel style" over the fields.
 I like this one of it soaring past the Budleia, still not sure that is the correct spelling.
Of course I am still going for the sandmartins, a bit of an improvement but still not got the "one" I am after.

I mentioned the crickets/grasshoppers on site and with the aid of my mobile phone managed one species, sadly not the one I wanted to show you all but this one will do for now, any ideas of the species?
I saw this dubious species, any clues to the identity please inform the local police via "crimestoppers"
No wonder the birds run away! And I'm not just talking about the feathered variety either!
As you can see in the background I spent the last part of the evening around the log pile and got at least one interesting species (me aside).
A fresh looking Willow Warbler in pale yellow stood out the most from the crowd.

It looked gorgeous in the setting sun. As did these juveniles............Blue Tit

And a Long Tailed Tit, that was on it's own which was a bit odd normally part of a flock it seemed lost calling out but no response from any other Long Tailed Tit

 It was time to go home so thought my parting image should be another from the mobile phone, this is in HDR mode, can't spot the difference myself to be fair, but I did like the effect it had on the sun's rays.


  1. A grand selection today.
    The Warbler is wonderful in this light. I suspect the Grasshopper is a Ground Hopper.

    1. Thanks Adrian, the Warbler really stood out I was admiring it so much I almost forgot to photograph it.
      I was looking around websites the ground hopper is a bit smaller than this one.

  2. Another fantastic set of images from 'THE' site Douglas, it looks like it's got lots of promise and, I guess, your home from home from now on?

    Love those shots of the beautiful Willow Warbler and the Blue Tit and the LTT!

    I hope there's not too many of those giant monsters around tho'

    Buddleja - Buddleia or Butterfly-bush...will do!!

    It's a Common Field Grasshopper (chorthippus brunneus)...[;o)

    1. I shall have to call myself Stig of the dump:-)
      I wasn't certain on the grasshopper I'd but was thinking the species you named there is a more interesting one down there I haven't got yet.
      My spell checker doesn't like buddleia

  3. I can take any amount of shots like these from this location, Doug! Keep 'em coming - they're ruddy marvellous!

    It's 'Buddleia' (or Buddleja if you want to be RHS snobbish!), BTW.

    Have a great weekend - - - Richard

  4. Hopefully more to come Richard, it's just one of them sites.
    I'll end up calling it purple bush lol
    Have a good weekend too Richard.

  5. Another great post Douglas from this treasure trove of a site, I think I might try and make a visit !

  6. Hi John, if you're ever at Pitsford you should drop in. If you leave Pitsford village heading towards Moulton along Moulton Lane it's on the right if you go pass the small fishing lake you missed it. Parking is non existent though.