Saturday, 5 July 2014


As regular readers know I normally do a grand prix prediction but this weekend not only am I baffled by both Lewis' decision to abort his qualifying lap but also somewhat confused that with shed loads of data available to them,  the team didn't urge him to push on.
This is only going to add fuel to the rumours that the German outfit want a German driver to be champion,  it certainly will help out with the PR side of things, we will have to wait and see I guess.
The other spanner in the works despite the topsy turvy starting grid was the BBC's decision not to have any of the three practise sessions on the Red Button service. In their wisdom we got an endless repeat of Wimbledon and football highlights despite both already having been shown elsewhere on the network, is this the BBC'S future commitment to the sport?
So I have not been able to gain any sort of insight into how the teams will run.
It will be a high fuel consumption circuit, always is. So some will be hoping for a slower race with rain which is likely or some safety cars which with the nature of the circuit very likely. Will the Mercedes have to nurse their brakes, wish I could say but having not seen the practice sessions I can't say but the braking zones are similar to Canada, so maybe.
So for my race predictions I got the drivers on a dartboard and let the darts decide..very scientific!
1st Nico
2nd Perez
3rd Seb


  1. Unbelievable and what a mess. If they want to make it exciting start them in reverse finishing order....UMMM, perhaps not it caused chaos in America.

  2. Don't give Bernie or the FIA any ideas they've already going for restart after safety car periods lol.