Thursday, 24 September 2015


I apologise for the lack of posts and comments on the blogs I read. The last few weeks have been a bit of nightmare and extremely taxing on the grey matter.
My mum's doctor found a cancerous lump on her kidney, the upside it was non malignant, the downside at 70+ her kidney was going to come out. However after consultation the surgeon opted to remove just part of the kidney. After a 486 minute (!!!) operation it had been removed, annoyingly that was the less stressful part!
Now people rightly or wrongly won't berate nor speak ill of nurses and in the vast majority of cases I wouldn't either. However, I think poor nursing needs to be talked about and aired, especially non English nurses. I haven't seen during my mum's stay in hospital bad British nurses, can't  fault them. After her operation my sister visited my mum to sit with her, luckily, as the nurse who was charged with looking after just three patients (high dependcy) hadn't switched on her oxygen mask so my mum having just left surgery (486 minutes) so the anaesthetic wasn't being flushed out, IT COULD'VE KILLED HER, her heart rate was at 36bpm and rri was 5% the alarm which was flashing had been muted. The same nurse ignored on my visit me pressing 'urgent assistance' button, she'd been sick and was choking the nurse to busy looking at the screen of her smartphone to do any nursing . The same nurse had put the wrong type of plaster holding the tube delivering pain killer into her back (so she was always laying on it) with had caused four pressure sores and my mum in some discomfort had asked the nurse to check who said "it's ok", I looked and they were the size of a ten pence piece and weeping. The matron was brilliant, she asked the nurse to leave, her words "I've lost my confidence in your ability" (told you good nursing gets equal plaudits) and she called the man in charge of patient care who took photos and statement so a bit stressed.
How she doing after 14 days out, well despite a bailiff shoving her to the ground, who was actioning an order against my sister (mum staying there). In front of two supposed qualified police officers he then STOLE my mum's van. She pulled out of the dashboard her registration documents, finance agreement etc, etc even the police told the bailiff it was registered in her name my mum doesn't live at the address FUCKING recuperating there, the debt is at my sisters address and in my sisters name as was the court order so why the police allowed it to be stolen I'm not sure but even after the bailiff admitted to the police he shoved her to the ground, a 70+ YEAR OLD WHO JUST HAD by 30 staples from her side removed failed to even arrest the bailiff that's my complaint to police I'm lodging , the rest is in the hands of solicitors due the fact the shove caused her further injury and the van being illegally taken (STOLEN, TWOC/TAKE WITHOUT OWNERS CONSENT, policing can't be that hard can it?) by all accounts the solicitor is chomping at the bit, even the paperwork was incorrect apparently! I will come back to this, but I will say one thing,  we don't seem to make Brits like my mum anymore she really is a tough old (sorry mum) cookie, bless her lol.
The birding as you can tell has taken a back seat. Not completely though, being at the brewery in the town centre has provided some highlights. Situated on the banks of the River  Nene I've seen plenty of kingfishers flyby. Cormorants, Black-headed Gulls and Mallards, perhaps a certain winter escapee will show up for another stint on this section of the NeneNene, time will tell. Two days on a trot whilst in the yard I got to watch a Peregrine and various points in the day zip and occasionally glide over, plenty of feral pigeons down at the brewery now the bus station has been demolished. Plenty of Pied Wagtails too and moths, bloomin' big ones too.... I am such an expert lol.
When I've gone out on my bike I've not really encountered much. The Barn Owl box at the crossing/railway line has either been taken down or blown down. The Redstarts and warblers have gone. As has the hedgerow and huge chunks (branches) of the mature trees at one of the bridges, removed by low life on community service or as they're apparently now called "community payback" hmmm.
Got this Blue Tit.
 A wren
On one day (I forget which) watched this encounter of a Buzzard 'having a go' shame about the sky though

Today despite the wind which is big pain in the arse for cycling in I went for a smallish cycle. My route:
 My stats, I obviously hit pause when scanning bushes for something to photograph.
I didn't get far along the railway line when I instantly spotted something which was a surprise because the first section is normally quite busy with people etc. In fact only about 800 metres from the start of the pathway. At the first signal box 'Pitsford Sidings' before the station (points 4 to 5 on my route map)
Despite my speed and the distance I spotted a personal favourite bird of mine perched on a fence post which was instantly recognisable, I hit the brakes.
The above post is just to right of the concrete white post in the picture of the signal box. A quick record shot of the female Stonechat incase it flew off. It did and didn't it would drop down to the ground/field so I snuck a little closer each time. The closest I could get due to the railway line and fence was this one
Funnily I was planning to head for Maidwell on the bike to photograph a Stonechat,  I love Stonechats that much was relieved what with the wind so glad  I didn't have too. Despite the habitat vandalism by 'community payback' and this pathway/cycle way being very busy and popular and not to mention the vintage trains  there's been some cracking birds along it this far.