Sunday, 1 November 2015


Well my birding highlights this week have been a Black Redstart and a female Chaffinch.
The Black Redstart was brilliant but annoying as it occurred whilst I was doing a delivery into a Carlsberg site in Ipswich. I watched (as my truck was being tipped)  a Robin and two Pied Wagtails harassing another bird. I couldn't see what from where I was stood so once I got a gap in the fork truck unloading the trailer I snuck off for a butchers. I couldn't believe I was looking at an adult male right in the middle of the trading estate. It was still there after an hour as I pulled out the yard.
A Blue Tit from the garden (31/10/15)
I've seem to have adopted a extremely tame and friendly female Chaffinch. I was at first a bit worried, it doesn't seem to have any broken bones as it flies ok. It looks healthy too, no club feet, ticks or any other infection nor any bill deformity. I know this as I've had it the hand. I was able to walk up to it and pick it up!!! I thought perhaps blind? Yet it flies in and around the garden ok and my garden has plenty of obstacles. It's a real conversation starter with friends who aren't birders as it often sits on the window sill and has a couple of birding friends bemused and baffled, we were wondering if it's a domesticated escapee as the other Finches hate it. Annoyingly I don't have a lens smaller enough.
Sunday was sunny so I got out early yet wasn't rewarded with any real good birds nor images.
Moulton Quarry seems to get home to a lot of Meadow Pipits and Skylarks but mostly Pipits. I got to 12 before doubting if I wasn't counting the same bird but did get 88 perched on the phone cable for me to check the images on the computer, sadly all Meadow and nothing of note. DOUG'S PIT had one Snipe and the odd Redwing, briefly a Kestrel but still quiet really. Plenty of Reed Bunting though sadly not close enough for now.
Male Reed Bunting
 Female Reed Bunting
 There were some Dragonflies still around and even a butterfly sadly taken with my 500mm

I then cycled off towards Merry Tom Lane. There was a decent sized flock of Fieldfare two groups kept flushing out of a small copse each flock was circa 50 birds.
 The cause of the commotion were two Harris Hawks getting exercise in the field by three  handlers. One of them was a juvenile bird and was stunning.  Sadly nothing else caught my attention other then the late gloriously warm November!


  1. I have not seen a Dragonfly this year but not to worry. I do see plenty of other things.
    The Chaffinch is a little strange. I hope it survives and isn't too trusting.
    Shots are well up to standard. Your standard not mine.

    1. My biggest fear for the Chaffinch was it would be too trusting. My neighbours either side are ok so won't do anything stupid. It's still wary of the dogs so cats shouldn't be a problem. And it's using a gap in my eaves as a roost/nest spot so it's in for the long haul

  2. Lovey to see all the Fieldfare birds and that is a great shot of the Blue Tit

    1. The Fieldfare flock was really impressive hopefully it'll get bigger soon. The Blue Tit looks ready to pounce lol