Thursday, 31 December 2015


I started off a bit slow at Summer Leys as I described from the last post.
So from the Summer Leys I got the following:
Black Headed Gull
 The Little Egret was actually the last bird I took an image of before heading in search of Starlings murmarating. The sun though bright was setting so cast with the aid of light cloud cover  an almost pink'ish hue.
The Marsh Harrier that at the moment is wintering in the area made appearances but always distant. Still I like the village of Great Doddington in the background.
 Birds of prey don't always get their way..
So to the murmaration. Excuses: fading light, wrong lens but still fancy counting them for me?
These two images are uncropped  and about a third of the flock in the top image and a small section that was joining the main flock in the second image.
I couldn't believe with about 1/400th a second shutter speed I was able to get something the 1d mark 2 isn't great with fading light and high iso's so shot at ISO 640 and rapidly getting dark I was reasonably happy with what I managed.
 The trees in the above image is actually where they roosted and not reed beds on this night.
I also like the hue of the sky in both images
The next images kind of reminds me of the weather of late as they to my eyes as the flock shuffled across the horizon reminded me of tornados if I had used a smaller lens you'd see the 'tornado'  better

And on the last image a final please,  please count them I've used up all my fingers and toes and that includes my greyhounds toes, full frame and circa 1/3rd of the flock.
 As a side note to the weird winter and end of the year we've had the branch belonging to the shrub in my garden due to mild temperatures has not only developed buds but even started to flower. Normally happens mid March/early April!
A unexpected food bonus for the Blue Tit.


  1. I love those murmuration images, Doug. Not seen one yet this winter, and am currently grounded by a head full of cold. However, I did see a flock of probably over 1,000 corvids whilst waiting for my shortie to appear one evening before Christmas. Never seen anything like it before. Managed to get a shot with possibly 600-700 in. There's no synchronisation in their flight, however!

    Wishing you all the very best for 2016 - - - Richard

    1. Thanks Richard. I hope you get better soon I had the same head cold a few days back and it's horrible. I think the flock is one of the most amazing things I've seen this year