Saturday, 12 March 2016


I have to say at the start of the week I thought the two Siskin's had departed, in fact all the way up to Thursday I was convinced they'd gone.
However on Friday and today I've had 6 birds in the garden.....typical,what's the saying about buses?
Weirdly it's five males and just one female, good luck love!
Typically I drew the curtains to see what and how many were in the garden and typical luck, fog/mist. The Tits were darting back and forth and a Song Thrush in full song cheered me up.
I could see and hear one female Siskin calling away in the top of one of the Sycamores. I'm convinced it was a call to feed as it was soon joined by one of the male Siskin's and a couple of Goldfinch.
Typically by the time the must had vanished it was quite late before I headed out for my cycle. Typically I went along the Brampton Valley. Untypically it wasn't quiet. Nothing special but good numbers of common birds.
The fields still had plenty of water in them with huge flocks of gulls and geese. Only birds of prey of note was a Kestrel and a pair of Buzzards.
Tried for a Yellowhammer typically not brilliant.
 It had to be a short visit as I'm off to Crufts with my greyhounds tomorrow and Chelsea are playing, typically shit too.


  1. Good luck at Crufts. I dread to think of the chaos if mine went.
    The yellow hammer is great it would stand a contrast boost.

    1. I think they'd love Crufts Adrian it's doggie nirvana lol. I missed the contrast adjustment just had a quick fiddle with the original on the laptop and it looks good, cheers. I'll pop a better one up later.

  2. Douglas, I hope you're going to take the blame for what you've just done?'s just gone 7am on a (typically) foggy Sunday morning, I've just read this post, and now, I can't stop saying to myself over and over in my head that bloody word....typical...Teeipical...teepickaaarrrlee...tip-iick-alley....tipikaaal....tipik-ally.......[:-{

    Good to see that the Siskins are hanging on in there. I hope your day at Crufts goes well.

    Typically...oh no!...I'm off for my typical Sunday visit to mother in law's...[;o)

  3. My apologies Doug, I seem to have missed this latest post, not sure why? Anyway, good to see the Siskins are still hanging around, and a great attempt at photographing them in somewhat challenging conditions.

    1. That's ok Paul. I'd happily swap these for Kingfishers anyday though.