Tuesday, 21 June 2016


I've had another interesting night with the Barn Owl. Unlike last year when there was only one owl hunting in the valley this time there's two. 
From a toggers perspective it means the owl hunting goes further away from the nest confident there's someone guarding the young. 
Though with my birding head it means hopefully young will leave the nest unlike last year. 
So from tonight one sequence of the owl taking a catch back, I think it's a rat not sure, my mammal id is worse than my butterflies...then I'll get to why I need your help

 A heavily cropped image of prey.
Okay why I need your help. Especially if you have or monitor sensitive birds. 
I can't say much at the moment but tonight I came across a really dodgy fellow in a copse on an undisclosed Lane. Call it paranoia but when I arrived circa 17:30 the car rang alarm bells as did the occupant. 
So I kept a watching eye on him. I watched him drive very slowly upto 8 times up and down the lane, perhaps a birder in a car, loads do, I do. 
When I left I saw his car parked right near both a Kestrel nest and Little Owl but couldn't see the occupant. Topography of the area offers uncluttered views over a large area. 
Me, being me took some photos of the car, just in case then had a look through the windows, I was suspicious lol. 
I stopped laughing when I saw what was in his car, I was no longer suspicious and straight onto the phone to the police as soon as I'd finished telling them what was going on (at least 5 minutes) the bloke stood up from inside the copse. And said I'm not doing anything wrong. 
Again me, being me I challenged that "you're on private land" he comes towards me and reckons "I was tired and getting some rest there's no reason to involve the police" he's still walking towards me telling me he was just having a nap!!! Now the copse firstly has a barbed wire fence stopping people, then it's overgrown with brambles and nettles...a proper jungle. So that confirmed what I thought he was doing, sleeping!!! He's still walking towards me, so I warn him when he got to circa half a foot 'stay away' he carried on so I  shoved him at this point the voice in my ear (police on case you forgot) said 'I need you to take a step back' so I DID, but the bloke comes towards me, so I shoved hard enough to put him on his arse. He then goes and grabs a duvet from the bush, but rest (sic) assured it's not for sleeping, remember I saw what was in his car (can't disclose), so use your imagination for a moment, say you wish to remove a fragile egg and drop it or perhaps young birds without getting scratched and transport them away, anyway he wasn't sleeping in fucking stinging nettles and he quickly fucked off, the police reaction was 100% spot and got called back too from a wildlife crime officer, there is always a 0.0000000000001% chance he wasn't doing what I know he was doing afterall given the proximity of the lane to the copse and the amount of lycra clad women who run past he could've been preparing for dragging and raping a woman into the copse.
Look here he forced the barbed wire fence down with big branches (which was also in his car) to climb over (would a man looking for a kip do this?) there's blatantly 'track' marks leading to the two nest sites. I've sent photographs on her request etc but she's also alerting relevant 'owl groups' and she mentioned a name that filled me with confidence, so apart from a brief description to follow the help I need is to keep your eyes peeled for this fella alert anyone with sensitive birds on their patch to keep a sharp eye out especially those neighbouring counties to Northamptonshire, given the birds in this copse (Kestrel and little owl) I reckon it's more a case of attempted theft rather than 'killing'  Rest assured what I saw in his car convinced me in a nano second what he was up to let's say 99.99999999999% certain :-) 
So he was 5ft 4 to 5 ft 6 approximately 
Quite overweight say 17/18 stone, dark hair middle to long in length a bit 'Teddy' boy/60's style, late 50's early 60's in age. Cloaths can be changed but on this night he was wearing quire smart blue jeans and 'dinner'/suit jacket . 
His car. Nite a birder who frequents nature reserves l, coastal areas, lanes, fields even my car hasn't got that much bird shit on the car!! 
If you own the car perhaps explain to me why you choose to sleep in this? 


  1. Super shots of the Barn Owl Douglas.
    Sounds like that fella was definitely up to no good, lets hope you've scuppered his plans and he doesn't return?...stay safe...[;o)

    1. Cheers Trevor, it'll be a big mistake on his part if he returns, I've got the word out to others in the area so we'll keep our eyes peeled

  2. It looks like a Mole to me.
    The car is a knackered BMW.
    Beyond that I can't help.

    1. It's definately a knackered old banger (Nissan Almera) that's what caught my eyes, smart person/scruffy car. Didn't look right.

  3. WOW! I hope he does not appear there again.

    1. Fingers crossed he doesn't but if he does more fool him, I don't mess around.

  4. Short-tailed Vole Dougie.... Z

  5. For every 10,000 good folk Doug there is 1 scumbag, it's appears you bumped into him? Well done on confronting him, not everyone would! Hopefully he won't reappear again?
    Great Barn Owl images mate, and the prey looks like Short Tailed Field Vole to me, but I'm not 100%?

    1. Cheers Paul you're right about the scumbags. If you could do me a huge favour both keep your eyes peeled and pass the details onto others who monitor owls, the police have taken this very serious us all I can say for now. These types will travel
      Thank you for the vole id

  6. Beautiful Barn Owl images again, Doug!!

    I wondered about putting something up on Twitter about your dodgy person, but I'm not sure what the legal position would be, or whether I'd be letting myself in for reprisals. He certainly needs looking out for!