Saturday, 24 December 2016


Since it's Christmas Eve, and not even a mouse is stirring, the greyhounds ate them, this will obviously be my last post until after Christmas.
I've been out with my new toy in less than favourable light again. I don't believe blaming light is going to be a reasonable excuse nor more.
I nipped down to Summer Leys as the previous afternoon I'd spotted a Peregrine and a Pintail that I fancied photographing.
All images taken today were at an ISO rating of 2000 and the 500mm at f4.
I'm not convinced I've got the colour and tones quite right as I'm still getting to grips with that side of things.
First up and almost a full frame was a Shoveler
A Great White Egret was on the far side of the reserve and was hoping it would venture over towards the scrape, it didn't but a very obliging Kestrel gave me a chance to really give the autofocus a workout.

I've got to admit it was very quiet on the I filled my boots lol

Not all pin sharp but I'm surprised the camera stayed locked unlike the previous mk3. The reed bed which was blowing around in the wind would've befuddled the mk3 autofocus. The less then sharp images were down to operator error. Out of a sequence of 17 images 14 keepers is I think quite good.

Have a good Christmas and hopefully if it doesn't rain between now and new year I should have something better and in good light to show you.


  1. These will do for starters Douglas!
    If the weather guessers are right it looks like there's a few sunny days on the way so you'll have no excuses then!
    All the best for a great Christmas...[;o)

    1. Cheers Trevor, let's hope the weather guessers have it right for a change.
      Hope you have a Great Christmas too

  2. Hi Doug. I've just seen that I never dropped a comment on this post. I had read it but thought I'd also commented. However, my head's been in a strange place lately so I'm not surprised.

    The results from your new piece of kit are very encouraging. That's a super sequence with the Kestrel. I hope you've had a good Christmas, and been able to take advantage of the sunshine we've had recently.

    Wishing you all the very best for 2017 - - Richard

    1. I blame the egg nog Richard. :-)
      It's like being a novice again. I'm getting to grips with the colour rendering and having to adjust my processing a little bit. The file size has been a bit of a headache too. Bit the Kestrel in low light proved to me this camera is a handy bit of kit, I've just got to master it now.