Monday, 2 January 2017


Well it's a New Year but same ol'Doug cursed. The injectors and exhaust temperature sensor failed leaving my car in 'limp home mode' as I hit Peterborough on my way to Norfolk. Bit fortunate with pulling into Peterborough Services, unlucky at 5am the rescue hotline on the insurance didn't open until 8am,which left me delivering some hefty abuse when they did open at 8am!!!
I went into petrol station to inform them I'd be parked for a while and decided to dip on the coffee, probably spill all it over me anyway.
Went ape shit at the place that sold me the car, look if you ever by a car second hand from a dealer, you've now got the law (finally) on your side. Just Google "used car law October 2015" basically you have 30 days to inform garage of the faults, give them 7 days to respond/tell you what they plan to do, if not happy you can demand a full refund as long as you do it within 30 days, as extra care use your debit/credit card because if the garage try treating you like a idiot you can do chargeback. That's basically where I am at the moment.
Went wading through mud to a Shortie sight and dipped. On the trudge back to the car bumped into a fellow greyhound owner who delighted in telling me how often she had seen the shortie but pointed out where she had also seen it (on the old tip). So some positives.

So I went off to the village of Roade today to photograph the Waxwings that had turned up, along with all the other birders from the county and outside the county. Got to catch up with plenty of birders I hadn't seen for a while.
Though I think Mr.Z was worried I might pass my jinx onto him lol.
Probably not the best place to photograph them on: at the side of the very busy A508 dodging HGV's and other motorists, though lovely blue skies had to deal with side lighting for the best part, but it was great seeing these beauties again. The berries are all but gone so I expect to see the flock move on soon.
Got to say I'm loving the this camera and the joy of not having to worry about the auto focus. Tried some flight shots but underexposed by way to much but it locked on and sharp as a tack.
Best in terms of flight shots really was more of a leap shot lol. The only one correctly exposed (me stupid)
Got plenty of portraits to go through though as a bonus.


  1. Not a good start to the year transport wise Douglas, lets hope the dealer is a good'un and sorts it for you without too much hassle?
    However, those Waxwings must have put a little cheer back into your week? Stunning and beautiful birds to see...and you got some cracking photos too...[;o)

    1. Sadly the garage are trying to be d***s about it all, haven't got a leg to stand on and their 7 day grace ends tonight.
      The Waxwings and the fellow birders made my week so there was some consultation.

  2. There's nothing like a flock of Waxwings to lift the spirits, Doug. You did really well with those beauties. Cracking images!!

    I hope the car problem is now sorted.

    My very best wishes for 2017 - - - Richard

  3. Thanks Richard the Waxwings didn't take long to demolish the berries and sadly disappeared. The car is sadly still ongoing