Saturday, 6 May 2017


There appears to be some really interesting waders passing through Northamptonshire at the moment.
Despite the rather overcast day I managed to get out of other duties for a spot of mid-afternoon birding. Shunned all the normal spots and headed for a less glamorous location to see if any of the earlier reported bird was still present, they were.
The star was a Grey Plover which has been reported at several locations in the county passing through, just the one sadly for me  and equally sadly not a male which is a more striking bird.

It's a tricky site to photograph at due to the elevated viewing angle and lack of cover (means patience needed) makes things tricky. I often just pick my spot, lay on my belly and wait...
I found myself cursing my chosen spot when two Greenshank popped up though, way to far away
As were the Ringed Plovers.

Though the Little Ringed Plovers did venture closer whilst feeding
Yellow Wagtail
The Grey Plover came in very close, busy feeding up. Even when a passing Buzzard flushed everything up it remained

My favourite two from the day are these two.


  1. So, as am I understanding it, you've been shirking your more important duties..."just popping out for a little walk dear"...for a bit of al-fresco relaxation (lay down)?
    It paid off though...with a good selection of (grey!) images....[;o)

    1. Sssshhh Trevor!! Angela occasionally reads this blog, I've been doing all my household chores properly ;-) I was forced to lay down due to sheer amount of housework I have done...honest lol

  2. Delighted to see you caught the Grey Plover, Doug, and got some super images too! Your situation ,and Trevor's comment has given me an idea. This time last week I was on my knees at the soggy edge of a pond for a couple of hours, trying to photograph a damselfly that had just emerged and was pumping itself up. Fortunately I had a fold-up kneeling pad which I keep in the car for such situations, and it kept the worst of the water away from my trousers. Perhaps I should also start carrying a mattress around too - or would it look too suspicious?

    Best wishes - - - Richard

    1. Cheers. Lol, yes I can see some shall we say dubious looks being thrown your direction if you were to pull a mattress out of the car. But it does give me a idea.