Saturday, 4 February 2017


I've not allowed poor light and miserable weather deter me from venturing out with the camera. The way I see it if the camera boosts great usability at high iso's then I'd be a fool not to test the claim.
Sadly finding much of interest has been trickier. 
Summer Leys no longer appears to be the wintering congregation spot for wintering wildfowl with more lakes and habitats spreading along the Nene Valley wildfowl seems to be more thinly spread out. Great White Egrets seem to be regular but often distant. Sadly no Golden Plover of any serious numbers frequent the reserve this winter. The sight of thousands circling the reserve a distant memory, where exactly are all these Golden Plover breeding successfully on Grouse Moors?
Plenty of Water Rail on the reserve though. 

Also from the reserve, a Goldcrest, Wren and a Gadwall 

Waxwings are still dropping in at several sites around Northamptonshire. Sadly always whilst I'm at work. One flock about 1/2 mile from home I heard about too late but one at Sywell about 2 to 3 mile away remained. 
So ignoring the fact Chelsea were playing Arsenal I ventured out. The colour ringed bird is well documented on other blogs so won't bore you with were it was rung etc.  Suffice to say it's gone from Aberdeen, Nottingham and now Northants is interesting. 

Got to watch them trying to catch insects on the wing but messed up them shots, got a 50/50 flight shot with 'berry' in mouth but room for improvement.